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Project: Bounty Whores
Project Started: 28th May, 2003 Last Update: 28th May, 2003
Project Owner: AsparagusTrevor Project Members:
Project Type: Shoot 'em up Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This is a game I started the other day, based on a dream I had. Seriously.

The idea is, a deathmatch scenario. There are items to be collected, that need to be taken to what essencially is a pawn shop to accumulate money. Then with the money you can buy goods such as weapons and powerups.

I hope to have the game online, I am learning MOO as we speak. Well actualy that is a lie, I am quite drunk at the moment, and I am going to play pool soon. Anyway, that is irrelevent. But eventually I am going to make the fricking thing online. At the moment, I am focusing on AI, so at least it will have Bots. Which is nice.

This is my first attempty at an isometric game, and it's a bloody bitch to do. But I'm trying. It has 16 Weapons including flamethrower and bazooka amongst many others, and 5 items that you can use, such as blockers.

Anyway, have a look at the screenshots. And take care everyone.

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