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Project: Ninjor
Project Started: 19th May, 2003 Last Update: 19th May, 2003
Project Owner: Reaven Khali Project Members:
Project Type: Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  
If the pictures don't show up or load slowly, then the Quickfox network is either down or some freak is packeting it so I guess you can check later and the pictures should be back up if they're down.

The game is called Ninjor, your a masked ninja - cause your mutated or a vigilante or whatever, I haven't worked out a good story yet - who is trying to topple a Global evil Corporation who's legimiate facad is to make top-of-the-line household products, but their real agenda is to take over the world using mind control, propoganda, brutal force, monopolies and nuclear weapons. You and only you are the only non-employee outside who knows about this scince you were once in an accident with their toxic chemicals. The side effects is taht it (deformed you? and) made it possible to make your skin and all surrounding clothes change color and texture and basically camo yourself. And yes, one of the screenshots in mooning you, I heard a guy does that in Command Keen or Captain Comic, I forget, and I wanted some of taht humor (which is not as explicit as compared to other animations I have, *knudge *knudge). I'm still working on the basic graphics right now, and that screenshot is nothing except a really quick composite I drew up of one of the terrain worlds - I plan for 5
- Forest/Grassland
- Urban Area
- Toxic Wasteland
- Swampy archipelago areas
- Industrial Labs and corpo buildings.
And I have for the main guy the basic animations such as
- Walking
- Hiding (cammo-ing)
- Ducking and getting back up
- Jumping
- Clubbing an object, hitting with fist, throwing something (I managed to make it convinienty all one animation sequence and still work out perfectly)
- Round Kick
- Side kick (to knock over toxic and garbage cans over to get items from them)
- Crawling (while ducked)
- Mooning the user (as you so brilliantly saw)
- Getting hit back (he goes flying high, the best animation ,but its about 20 frames, which takes to long to turn into GIF, but he spins when he goes flying like in kung foo movies)
- Running
- playing marracas
- High-hand cheer

Lotta shadding to do, and I got enemies such as Gangs, monsters, demons nd so on, I'd show them to you, but taht would ruin the suspense and anticipation.

Yadda-yadda, blabity blah (looking back at what I wrote, I think I've written too much in this preview..) and I'm out.

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