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Project: Gemfinity: Can't Stop the Blocks
Project Started: 20th August, 2023 Last Update: 20th August, 2023
Project Owner: Joshtek Project Members:
Project Type: Puzzle Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview A single-player puzzle survival games where you group coloured blocks so you can make good use of your occasional destroyer diamonds.

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Concept, minimum viable game, and future plans
Posted 20th Aug 23, by Joshtek Post A Comment


While playing Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo I thought that one of my favourite parts of the game was when the blocks were near the top and I was fighting against time to place them and destroy them before losing.

I thought that this sort of puzzle survival could make a fun single-player experience so started working on Gemfinity: Can't Stop the Blocks.

I did not want to make a clone, but instead provide my own twist on the genre and make decisions which work best for a single-player game.

The 'minimum viable product' currently works, and I have a fully functioning game. However, I want to add more elements to make it even better, and I'm experimenting with what those could be.

One option is just adding achievements. Another is to add more immediate threats and/or opportunity that add more variety to the experience. I also need to add basic control options like being able to set the music volume, and ultimately I want to hook it into my online hi-score system rather than only having a local score board.

At some point I will also need to decide whether to keep the simplicity of the current block graphics or whether to go for something more flashy.

As for the colours, I looked into online guides on colours and shades that should well for those that are colour blind. It'd be great if I could have feedback from people who have colour blindness on how easy it is to distinguish the green blue, yellow, red and green colours used.

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