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Project: Slasher night
Project Started: 30th May, 2022 Last Update: 30th May, 2022
Project Owner: LordHannu Project Members:
Project Type: 2D Topdown slashing Project Progress:

Project Overview  
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About the game
You play as a slahsser a killer and your goal to kill all the victims on the screen. But you can only walk to reach your victims so you might be sneaky and come from the behind so they dont see you, there is a chans that they can hear you and turn around and notice you witch will make them panic. When a victim panic they run faster than you and the victim try to figure out a way to handle the situation, they can get a weapon, call the police, run off stage or just run to a safe place. All victims gets some properties like good hearing or maybe handy so they can repair a broken telephone pole or fuseboxes that makes the buildings go dark.

The game has challenges that becomes harder each set you complete. A set of challanges completed will give you a new character with a feature, more victims on stages and a new stage.


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