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Project: Webserver X
Project Started: 25th March, 2022 Last Update: 25th March, 2022
Project Owner: Digivorix Project Members:
Project Type: Server Software Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Webserver X is an easy way to start hosting a basic webserver over HTTP/1.1 with the help of Lacewing.

Basic HTTP web hosting over HTTP/1.1
Configurable host port
Configurable main directory
Logging (can be toggled on or off)
Save and load custom configurations

Potential features:
HTTPS hosting support
Configurable default page
Customizable error page text

Supported file types:
Anything not on the "What's not supported" list

What's not supported:
Anything requiring an external framework like PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.

Webserver X uses Lacewing and the Lacewing::Webserver C++ library.
The Lacewing Webserver extension for Fusion is by James McLaughlin.

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