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Project: Untitled RPG Game
Project Started: 3rd December, 2020 Last Update: 3rd December, 2020
Project Owner: Ghost Data Media Project Members:
Project Type: RPG Prototype Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This game is a proof of concept inspired by games like Puzzle Quest, Megaman Battle Network, and Bubble Horde Deluxe in terms of gameplay. You'd follow the story of a young Mage named Gage who goes on a journey with her master to stop a force of evil who has suddenly returned.

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Name of the game?
Posted 3rd Dec 20, by Ghost Data Media Post A Comment
Just looked at the original file and found out that I simply named this game Project Summon.

For 2 reasons if I recall, first off because of how magic works in the lore of the game's world and second off because I was inspired by one other game at the time, Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2! Between that and Megaman Battle Network I guess I was (and am) super nastolgic for Game Boy Advance JRPG's!

Oh were you expecting an actual name for this game? Never came up with one, sorry :/
What is this project? How did it come to be?
Posted 3rd Dec 20, by Ghost Data Media Post A Comment
This project has no name, I probably gave it one at some point but it's been years since I worked on it.

It started after I was wrapping up production on Bubble Horde back in 2016. I thought it'd be interesting if I took the gameplay of Bubble Horde and somehow made it into an RPG.

In short it worked! I even ported it to Android and it plays flawlessly like the PC counterpart!

Long term, if I wanted it to be a full game I'd have to find a publisher or get crowd funding in order to make it happen but that said I'm reworking the prototype to be a full level... a vertical slice if you will. I don't know if it will ever made into a full game but you have to admit taking something like Bubble Horde and making it into an RPG makes for a rather unique experience. Taking inspiration from Puzzle Quest and Megaman Battle Network definitely helped flesh out ideas on how to make the gameplay more engaging.

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