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Project: Ball Fall
Project Started: 2nd November, 2018 Last Update: 4th November, 2018
Project Owner: MarkMan3 Project Members:
Project Type: Arcade, Platform, Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Ball Fall is a Game where you control Ball Boy with your mouse, you play through 40 levels of increasing difficulty to save your one true love Balleta from the evil Square Man! I'm wanting to get the game done before Nov 6th. Just becuase I have to rework the menu because of the fullscreen mode.

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By: MarkMan3
On: 2nd Nov 18, 02/11/2018 11:57:20
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Posted 4th Nov 18, by MarkMan3 Post A Comment
I took a break for about 2 days becuase i was working in a cruch zone 3 days straight. I am working on it again now though, however I am back at school on the 6th so if it's not out by then, Development will be very slow.
I will keep working on it, as I have been. Currently, I am doing the 20th level and all that I have to do now is another 20 with some buttons for the level select screen.
I'd say 1-3 days left before 1.0 is released!!!!
Current Progress
Posted 2nd Nov 18, by MarkMan3 Post A Comment
I have got 14 out off 40 levels done, the game has 4 different themes for levels. Stoney Castel for 1-10, Overgrown Ruins 11-20, Space down to earth 21-30 and SUPER WARP RAINBOW STAREY MAGIC SPACE! 31-40
Also check out the Gamejolt page, I am trying to prioritise that one, but I will be keeping this one up to date aswell.




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