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Project: Saturn [working title]
Project Started: 31st July, 2018 Last Update: 3rd August, 2018
Project Owner: Siqlol Project Members:
Project Type: Simulation Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Saturn [working title]


You are the leader of a reconnaissance space shuttle on its way to Saturn. Just before entering the atmosphere, a terrible catastrophe occurs. As the only survivor, you wake up on the blue planet. The only thing left to you is your powerful Creation Tool. With its help, it is up to you to build a civilization on Saturn and lead your people back to Earth.


This game will be a Simulation game, in which you have to build up a running civilization. You have to build houses for having people on your planet. People need food, so you have to build some biodomes. In order to build all that stuff, you need something to generate cash. And donīt forget to keep your people happy, otherwise they will not work productively.

It will be a single player game!


_More than 15 different buildings
_Several upgrades to improve your civilization (eg. increased birthrate)
_Research options to obtain new buildings
_3 different ressources (Cash, SAT [working title] and food)
_Population Counter, Happiness Counter and Day Counter
_Saving and Loading your game
_Starving System for your population (Lifespan, Hunger, etc)
_News System (Displays everything that happens: eg. A person has died of age)

... and much more!

Stay tuned for more information!

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Screenshots v2
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_Main Menu_



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_Early Status_


_Adding some Gfx_


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