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Project: Invasion (working title)
Project Started: 15th November, 2015 Last Update: 15th November, 2015
Project Owner: the Pilgrim Project Members:
Project Type: shoot'em'up,invaders Project Progress:

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putting something together in MMF2, that I can do. Will see where it leads me...



this is - of course - a prototype...

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Some boxes, circles and a diamond!
Posted 15th Nov 15, by the Pilgrim Post A Comment
I will use this as a blog for this project, first of all for my own interest, but if you out there want to follow my progress - you are welcome!

I have a game in my head, that will have the gameplay of a space shooter, mixed with the old classic Space Invaders, using cartoonish graphics. So I am a bit excited to see where this idea will lead me.

The way I create games, has changed through the years . Now I almost always start to prototype an idea, before anything is written down on paper (aka Design Document). If I see that the prototype is going somewhere, I will add more content, and start to form a real game idea in my head. When that stage is reached, I will write a design document, for the whole game. Of course that can and will change, but at that stage, I need something on paper to keep me focused.

- The Pilgrim

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