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Project: The game formerly known as Homesick (v1.2 and the sequel)
Project Started: 22nd November, 2012 Last Update: 28th August, 2013
Project Owner: Chloe Sagal Project Members:
Project Type: Horror Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview This is the project page for the upcoming overhaul and sequel to "Homesick"
Check my youtube channel for a link to the download of Homesick v1.14
All the links are under the 'about me' section.
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No release date determined at this point, but I'll be working hard. The goal of this project is to improve the look, improve the finer design details, feature multiplayer modes and to make it onto the steam marketplace.

Sound by Bit By Bit Sound.

Music by SeamlessR

If you were a fan of Homesick or you'd like to help contribute to this project or future projects of mine, please donate via GoFundMe
This money also goes towards life saving surgeries, so any little bit helps. <3

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1 1 let me halps
By: srsjars
On: 9th Aug 13, 09/08/2013 09:21:38
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Old and New
Posted 28th Aug 13, by Chloe Sagal 3 Comments
A comparison between the art styles of the new version of Homesick and the old. Thoughts anyone? Hoping for a Halloween release.

It's alive!
Posted 6th Jul 13, by Chloe Sagal 1 Comment
I'm writing up a new GDD as we speak, to better streamline my ideas on how this revision is going to work.

I have a few people working with me on this, so hopefully all goes well. Once I have a more defined description of how the new version is going to be, I will post it here

Also, I have to come up with a new name for the game, unfortunately, as another project with the same name was successfully kickstarted and put up on steam
Working on a separate project
Posted 6th Mar 13, by Chloe Sagal 3 Comments
Hey everyone, I'm working on a new project with a few other indies atm. It's looking pretty good so far. It's just three of us, one person taking the role of designer/writer, another artist and yours truly on programming. Perhaps when we get some more progress I'll see if everyone is interested in starting a project blog on it, so you can see what kinds of goodies we're coming up with .

And hopefully that'll give me the drive to get cranking on these two games that this devlog is supposed to be about .

Does it bother anyone else how the smilies are handled here? It's like they're not on the same paragraph
Maybe it's the skin I'm using here on TDC.
My brain hurts
Posted 24th Feb 13, by Chloe Sagal 2 Comments
I don't know if it's the fact that I'm dying, or that I've got some type of writers block associated with game development, but I'm just having trouble progressing. I'm thinking about doing a small unrelated project to get my work ethic back up and running, because this is just ridiculous, I can't possibly be still burnt out from October.

Aside from this, I'm doing fabulous, I'm getting kick ass grades in class, despite that I didn't even bother showing up last week. Meh. I need to be less insane. But hopefully I can make sure this small side project is quick and neat, and maybe I'll throw it up on the xbox, see if it can possibly make a few bucks (not with my luck). A friend was tired of not being able to contact me, so they bought me a new phone, with android capabilities. It's pretty neat, hopefully clickteam will finish that android exporter soon and I can start defiling the jungle of a marketplace with my crappy games.

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