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Project: Squishy the penguin
Project Started: 2nd February, 2011 Last Update: 5th February, 2011
Project Owner: siven Project Members:
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Squishy the penguin was a game i had planned to enter into the christmas competition, but obviously i didnt get around to it.

its a simple story line, Santas presents have been stolen and its up to squishy to get em back! fight the evil snowmen to collect the presents, when youve got enough you can return to the town to unlock the next levels, and trade in those presents for power-ups, ranging from a Santa hat, to a toy sword, and even exploding mints!

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New weapon, and another enemy!
Posted 5th Feb 11, by siven Post A Comment
So now Squishy finally has the first of all the weapons at his arsenal, the toy sword! In addition to that I have added in another enemy, once im done adding in another enemy and another weapon ill make 2 more levels and re-upload the demo.
Preview of the first level!
Posted 2nd Feb 11, by siven Post A Comment
So the first level is complete, for anyone who wants to try it out, heres a link!

just FWI, if you get 10 presents (or more) and find the yellow glowing teleporter and go to christmas town, youve completed whats done so far.

Controls are simple, arrow keys to move, up is jump, and down while running is slide. you can either slide into enemies or jump on them, your choice.

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