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Project: Starcraft 2 - Goliath
Project Started: 16th February, 2010 Last Update: 21st February, 2010
Project Owner: SoftWarewolf Project Members:
Project Type: Top-down Shot'em-up Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview I am creating a action game based on graphics, sounds etc from the original Starcraft game.

You control a Terran Goliath and have to battle waves of Zerg, collecting minerals to upgrade your gear.

Between each level you can spend the minerals you collected on upgrades, new weapons, research and items.

You walk with a 8 directional movement using W,A,S,D and aim\fire with your mouse pointer.

The game is open beta and already have an implemented online hiscore!

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February 21st update
Posted 21st Feb 10, by SoftWarewolf Post A Comment


A lot of new stuff now, the game music has been replaced by the zerg tune from.. *drumroll* Starcraft 2!!

The new Plasma gun is extremely powerful and looks supersweet.

Yet the biggest new thing is the itembar, you use the items you buy with Z,X,C,V and can buy stuff such as spidermines and invisibility kits!

Also the game is extended to 7 levels, even harder than before.

- Itembar! you can purchase Healthpacks, Invisibility kits, Spider mines and Stimpacks
- 7 levels
- Plasma, new powerful weapon!
- New enemy, ultralisk

also now contains some starcraft 2 music and sounds and the game has a lite defence against hacks.
Open beta
Posted 16th Feb 10, by SoftWarewolf 4 Comments
Beta download:

Its currently about 13mb

So far the game have 5 waves of enemies (wave5 being almost impossible)

Here is what the game has to offer (* not yet included)

Aim with infinite accuracy
Online hiscore

basic turret
machine gun
glave spikes
*flame thrower


Fire rate
*energy (for use with alternate weapon's to come)

Points boost - increases score by 1% after each level, or by minerals amount after each level.
Inferno - increases damage dealt by weapon 4 and 5
Magnetize - easier collection of minerals and powerups

Health pack
Spider mine

*Alternate (right click) weapons:
Ignite\Smite\Shock - direct damage
Rockets (same as regular weapon)
Storm - area damage
Nuke - huge blast zone

*Gems that can be awarded after each game if the player gets a good score:
Emerald - additional lives
Sapphire - additional minerals
Ruby - additional fire rate
Amber - additonal energy
Jet - additional points
and some more rare gems that are more powerful.

on the main menu you will have a "gem collection" button, where you can choose any 3 or 5 gems to start the game with.





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