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Project: DringleTopia Artificial Intelligence Collection
Project Started: 29th June, 2009 Last Update: 12th July, 2009
Project Owner: CodeCannon Project Members:
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Project Overview  
Preview The DringleTopia Artificial Intelligence Collection (DAIC) is a small group of extensions for MMF2 that allow you to implement neural networks, automatic problem solvers and a few other types of artificial intelligence into your games and utilities.

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By: CodeCannon
On: 12th Jul 09, 22:07:06
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In the works
Posted 12th Jul 09, by CodeCannon Post A Comment
I've been writing up an introductory tutorial that shows you how to make a simple ping pong game with an AI opponent. Likely it'll be done by the end of July.

Also, I've been perusing Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber's interesting page ( ), and I like the idea of OOPS ( ). Hopefully it can be used in MMF. Just think - in a small way you might be able to get MMF to program itself!
First public release (0.2.1 A)
Posted 29th Jun 09, by CodeCannon 1 Comment
The first of the collection is called Static ANNs w/ Genetic Algoritm - DAIC. It is currently in its alpha phase.

Notable features
- Real-time input/output and score history graphs
- MMF2 debugger support
- Many run-time configurable settings
- Each object can handle a population of agents, not just one

Wish list / Task list
- Distributed training / training farm support (think render farm) using OINC / MOO Click
- Error handling
- Rote escape (helps genetic algorithm get away from a local minima)
- Implement settings' actions/expressions

Technical Specifications
- Multilayer perceptron
- Long short-term memory
- "Enforced sub-populations" genetic algorithm
- Topologically static (fixed network structure)
- "Double" data type



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