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Project: Mother 4
Project Started: 17th June, 2009 Last Update: 15th December, 2009
Project Owner: Zephys Project Members: Jon Lambert
Project Type: Game (Fan Game) Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview “Mother 4 is a highly ambitious fan game looking to be the the closest to a professional sequel to the Mother series a fan game can get, and so far, the task looks like it’s been placed in the hands of highly talented creators.”

Mother 4 (Earthbound 3) is an in-progress fan sequel to the Mother (japanese)/ EarthBound (English) game series created by Shigesato Itoi of Nintendo. Mother 4's staff is led by's Chaisu, writer Zephys, and programmer TheDave.

Mother 4 has aspirations to be seen as a truly legitimate sequel to Mother 3, and it's staff of creators focuses very strongly on ensuring that every element of the plot, gameplay, experience, and message are consistent to the previous installations of the series.

It takes place in it's own unique realm, as each Mother game in the past has done, with loose ties to the events of the previous games.

Attention is being paid to the conventions of the previous Mother games. The storyline is innovative, the gameplay is professional, and the overall quality and length of the finished product will be greater than that of mothers 1 through 3.

"If you want another real Mother game, Waiting for Chaisu's Mother 4 is your best bet."

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3 5 2011 - Still goin...
By: Zephys
On: 1st Jul 11, 12:35:11
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What's Gone Down - Issue #1
Posted 15th Dec 09, by Jon Lambert 1 Comment







Well, well, well. Looks like this page hasn't seen any love in a while. Not to fret though! For those of you who haven't already subscribed to the official site's RSS feed ( you know who you are ) I'm here to bring you up to speed! I actually know Zephys in real life, as we go to the same school, so I'm gonna take the liberty to bring you some updates from time to time! Yay!

So up first, you'll notice that there are a ton of screenshots along the side here for you to look at. They look quite like those of Mother 4! Commendable, if I do say so myself (and I do)!

As a matter of fact, Mother 4 happens to be one of the games that was at the NCFC this year! Quite a bit of information was revealed there, but there's still a great amount that still has yet to be revealed! A few new developments in how towns will work were made, such as the use of actual crowds! No more "5 people per town" scenarios! In addition, you'll be able to go into more buildings, engage in more activities, and buy more things that you could in previous Mother games. Furthermore (it's like it never ends!) there will be a day and night system (not real-time ) that will allow you to play differently once the sun goes down, with different events, monsters, and more! It's great!

Another nice thing you'd have seen is that they've got some nice music going into this game. Here's a sample of what's been done so far:

There's still much I haven't mentioned, such as the various fan submissions, the two characters that were revealed during the convention, and more, so visit the site and find out!

Site Open! July 28th
Posted 29th Jul 09, by Zephys Post A Comment
The site is now available. You can see get to it from the main project page.
Site opening! July 27th.
Posted 27th Jul 09, by Zephys 2 Comments
To anyone who isn't aware, today, July 27th is the 20th anniversary of the mother series. We figure it'd be a good day to reveal our home base, the Mother 4 Official developer blog. You can find it at .

The site should be up later in the day, July 27th.
Seeking tilers!
Posted 1st Jul 09, by Zephys 3 Comments
Welcome Earthbound fans! Whether you've been interested in the series since Mother or you only got into it with the localized Earthbound, or even just got started with the fan translation of Mother 3, the time is here to bring your greatness to Mother 4. The fan project has high standards, but we know that you can bring us fantastic material. Are you ready? Because Mother 4 is now hiring!

The staff here working on Mother 4 is hard at work to bring you a game worthy of official status, but we need your help to make it happen. We are currently looking for graphic artists to do tiling and mapping for our project. If you'd like to know the standards, our visuals are being based largely on the Mother 3 style:

Our main graphics man is Chaisu, the lead storywriter and project owner, and he'll be the one approving new members. Examples of his work can be found on his very-own deviantArt page: and the Mother 4 topic page can be found on, the internet hub for Mother and Earthbound fans the world over.

If you'd like to help, you can contact Zephys either on or here on The Daily Click, and your work will be forwarded to Chaisu for approval. Come on people! Bring your talent to a great game!

The art provided by Chaisu for this ad is only supplementary. This is not the maximum quality of Mother 4's tiles.

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