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Project: Lost Cause
Project Started: 4th May, 2009 Last Update: 3rd March, 2010
Project Owner: Nessy Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Adventure Project Progress:

Project Overview  
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This is a game that is being created by a community on another site. The games was based on Allisbrawls forum "General Silliness" There are alot of unique people there and some of the thread they make and games they play would be great to be added into a game. So I asked them if they would like to help out making a game all about them/Based around them. They said yes, so now we got this game going on.

The Team

Nessy - Me, I am making the game. As I am not a big time going of the GS forum I need people to plan it out for me.

Riddle - This guy is the head of the story, he has the vision of how the game shall go.

OK-Ssuka - This is the co writer, he has also done some music for the game. But also he comes up with ideas for the game, like do all the team members.

Armus - This guy...well he is me main man, if I need info about GS or I miss stuff out he is there. Also helps with ideas and stuff.

Revenant - He is the sprites/Artiest for the game. This game would have be harder with out him as most of the people didn't know how to sprite well.

Demon Kirby - He is our level designer, he will help with the look and layout of the levels


I will fill this in at a later date when it is confirmed.


DacidBro - Main Character!
Nu-Bee - Someone that helps Dacid out

That is it for now, when more comes out I shall update this along with the project updates.

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New Engine and looking good!
Posted 3rd Mar 10, by Nessy Post A Comment
This game now has a brand spanking new Engine with pretty swell movement. Our team has been working hard with new ideas and drawing up sprites and just making it great. I also have to say the Script for the story that the team has come up with is AWESOME and funny. This adds more to the game. As the game will have a well planed story and comic dialog.

More info will be release about the story later, but for now I think I shall just show some of the sprites to let you see a bit more of what it is like.

Credit to all out spriters team for this:

Dacid -







TBC Enemies -




New name and back on track
Posted 21st Oct 09, by Nessy Post A Comment
Again we be slacking. But we are back and we have a new name for the game.

Only new things we have come up with are-

Leveling up. We still need to decide if we are going to let every character level up or only a few. That is basically it for now :/
One of the characters!
Posted 25th Aug 09, by Nessy 2 Comments

This is just a little video that I put together to let people know that we are still working on the game. This is one of the characters that are in the game.

The music is by - Ok-Ssuka
The Sprites are by - Watermelon Kirby
It Back Baby!!!
Posted 24th Aug 09, by Nessy Post A Comment
After a long gap of nothingness the team is slowly getting back together. We now have the characters sorted and have some sweet music made,that I will post later. We have some odd sprites (not weird odd just meaning a few here and there) and some story. The engine is pretty sweet, not great but it is as good as I can do (I might try to learn some new things to make it better)

But anyways, keep an eye out for some more updates

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