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Project: urbanyx
Project Started: 28th April, 2009 Last Update: 16th May, 2009
Project Owner: weka Project Members:
Project Type: Platform Puzzle Project Progress:

Project Overview  
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Hello and welcome to my Project page. In here you will find all the information about Urbanyx and it's current development stage. Read below if your interested!


Urbanyx is not an average platform-game. It has traps, enemies, obstacles, puzzle objectices, and much more. Urbanyx is a platform with each level being different. Make no mistake, the last few levels of Urbanyx are very hard. I intend to tire users to death. Not necessarily, but I don't want to create a game too easy and then have people go "TOO EASY".

Urbanyx, as you can see, is very easy on the eyes. You can also notice that it's design is not hard to replicate. I wanted to go for an easy build game. Not worry too much about the graphics but make it plainish but with style. Kind of hard to do with one or two colors in every object. Still I think I'm pulling off a nice job.

Game Engine
I would like to thank David Newton ( for his custom platform engine. I used his tutorial to create the game. However, other objects such as the turret, ladder, levers doors were all coded by me!

Main menu
The main menu will be quite colorful. Apart from it being a secret level (omg), you'll have the following options to let you modify you're game experience to your liking.

Start Game: You're grueling adventure starts here on Level 1 A.K.A. tutorial!
Load Game: With the help of INI and decrypting, you'll be able to save and load your progress on a level. PLEASE NOTE: You must FINISH a level to be able to play it again (see level select). You can't exit during a game, that will not work.
Options: With the help of global values and such, you'll be able to select full screen or windowed mode, volume sound, and such. Not extra-ordinary... or maybe!
Level Select: It's been proven! People like to play levels already beaten or just look for bugs and annoy the hell out of me for leaving a bug in-game. Either way, you must finish a level to play it again. If not, the level won't be choose-able in the level selection screen.
Exit game: Do I really need to explain this? Didn't think so.


Oodles of levels: Yep, you'll be able to complete in many levels. Some hard, some easy, some plain crazy. You'll never see the same level once! You can, however, after you finish a level, re-play it. From the main screen select the "level select" option. Sorta like a "Scene selection" you see in DVDs!

Auto-Tutorial: You're first level will automatically be the tutorial which will teach you the basics of the game. However, after the first level you'll see new thing such as new monsters, obstacles, and such. Remember, tutorials never cover everything in a game.

Checkpoints: In the later levels, this feature will be your utmost favorite thing. Why? If you touch the checkpoint in a level, then die, you'll re-spawn at the checkpoint. That way you won't have to start the level over. Checkpoints are usually placed in the middle of a level and usually there is only one.

Online highscores: Compete with other players in a level for the top score! I will have a website created with a highscores page. You will be able to navigate through each page defining the level and the top scores. I may add current statistics as well!

Obstacles: In each level, there'll be a series of obstables you'll need to use or pass. Here a few: Ladders, Platforms, Levers/Doors, Keys/Doors, and Springs.

Power ups: Nothing says cliche like good ol' power-ups! Urbanyx will feature many power-ups which can be used to get to unreachable places, pass obstacles, and defeat enemies. Some powerups are: High Jump, Rapid Fire, and Ultimate Protection.

Enemy AIs: No game is complete with utterly dumb enemies! Well, change that dumb to promotional! Why? All enemies have a specific difficult to beat. Some take a skill to defeat while others are easy as baking a cake [and then eating it!].


A game can't be made by one person! Here are the people who've helped me in one way or another that has helped shaped the game for a better cause.

DavidN - Custom platform engine + advice.
maVado - Helping me fixing my Levers/Hidden Wall glitch.
Darkesoft - Providing a start in Ladders.
stephen1980 - Overall advice and wisdom in game editing.

(If you have helped me with the game in ANY way whatsoever, and you're not in the list, please contact me here.)


urbanyx, while it may look bland, will actually feature multiple levels. Featuring from the bland crappy-colored GFX to genetic robots, it hopes to bring hope to new platform games.

urbanyx will be freeware and no hidden demos, levels, or availables will be locked. Every thing will be free to everyone. I have made this for two reasons. First of all, I don't have a paypal account and I do not intend to gain profit from it. Secondely, I would like for anyone to not miss out on any special content.

SPECIAL NOTE: As the time progresses and the game updates, I will be CONSTANTLY be updating this project page with map diagrams, sketches, concept art, and other bonus feature additions. Keep an eye peeled! I'll be making a video trailer soon with commentary and such on my progress.

Check the development logs below if you would like to get a chance to beta-test this game!

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By: weka
On: 1st May 09, 03:36:50
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First Demo!
Posted 16th May 09, by weka Post A Comment
Hi there folks!

I've released the new demo of urbanyx here:

Go try it out and tell me what you think!
Progress Update #3
Posted 9th May 09, by weka Post A Comment
I got some work done, this Friday, and I am proud! My platformer is shaping out nicely. I am learning the use of INIs with the help from some great people (shawn & nivram). With that in mind, I got saving to work!!

Saving: That's right, you can save your progress. Let's say your on level three, you must finish the level to save it. Of course, it shouldn't be a great loss if you don't save it, since most levels are medium to short in length. Anyways, you complete level 3, Level 3 will now open for level select to play again. I will most likely make a clone for re-peat levels that won't have the function to save "your current level". For example, let's say you're on level 4. Minutes later, you beat it. Then go to level selection and beat level 3. Well, you're current level would still be 4 since you're on level selection. I don't know, if you got it.

PS - The file will be encrypted so there is no cheating.

Loading: This just reads the current level string and loads it. Once you finish the game the string will ask if you want to reset the game (get all levels, etc) or just keep playing...

Playing for what?!?: I'm a fan of useless but fun to look at statistics. I will make statistics on certain things such as "Number of times x monster beaten" or "Number of times Jumped" or maybe even "Total Gold obtained". Yeah, I'll probably add a statistics page in the main menu.

Like I said, I intend to make the last [two] levels insanely hard. Why!? Because then it will be too easy to beat it. It will be almost like AddictingGame's 'World's hardest game' but a little bit more harder.

GUI Navigation: For the GUI navigation, all you need is a keyboard. No mouse is needed for this game! You will be able to select choices by pressing the UP and DOWN arrow keys and selecting your selected choice by pressing SHIFT (jump). This is so people with laptops can play as well!

Pause screen failure: I tried hard to make a pause screen with cool features like "Decrease/Increse volume" or settings. But really, this game is simple, plus the music will be enjoyable and to be honest, the only setting this game will have is Fullscreen/Windowed.

Here is a picture of the latest current start up menu screen. What do you think? (Ignore the edit boxes, I was testing with the save feature!)

Progress Update #2
Posted 1st May 09, by weka 2 Comments


Hi there folks, slow but surely I'm working on the game!

Today I started off with creating the Start Menu. I know it looks a big rough. Don't worry, that may not be the final product, but dang near close to it. It has all the features listed. The problem is that I didn't use a Demo playback. See a button makes it so any active moving behind it makes the image stay thus causing errors. So instead I'll just not use a demo playback.

After I got that done I started to change the spring sprite to accommodate it's graphical surroundings. Before it was just yucky, now it's awesome. Astronaut man, you're next!

You've got to understand. I'm graphically inclined. I'm not a good and the astronaut man and other things were simply stand ins until I made the real one.

I forgot to say that I'll be change the way end screens work. I'll most likely work my way by transfering the exisiting FINISH (INPUT HISCORE TO SITE) frame into the finished frame. Because once you're finished! It's over! I'm not going to make it change to another frame, rather have a nifty pop-up.

Enemy AIs. I got a good idea on how I'm going to approach this. The walker, when touched, will make you lose a life every 4 seconds which should be more than enough. I'll make it lose a life and have it one group then deactivate and activate another group which makes it loose another life if the player is overlapping and have that event run every 4 seconds. More than enough time to jump/run away.. right?

Shooting. I still haven't mastered this concept. I'm going to have shooting in this. It will most likely be introduced in the second level due to level constraints. You'll be able to disinigrate hidden walls, gain rapid fire power-up, and destroy enemies for points! Speaking of which, to make it interesting, each time you get damaged.. you'll lose some points! Depending on the type of damage you receive is the amount of points you lose.

Pictures. The first one decimates the current start screen. It's subject to change.

The second picture is Photoshop'd so you can't see ALL of the neat hidden features it lays. It is the First level you will play. Pretty neat, huh?
Updated The Project Page
Posted 30th Apr 09, by weka Post A Comment
I've added more information to the project. I may add more as time progresses!

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