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Project: Project: Nitro (WIP)
Project Started: 12th April, 2009 Last Update: 7th May, 2009
Project Owner: W3R3W00F Project Members:
Project Type: Maniacal, agressive side-view racer Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Thanks Mr G for the epic new logo! (I'll alternate between the ones I have)

Project Nitro is like trackmania, except it's a side view racer with pimped rides!


Objective: The objective is to get to the end of the track 3 times (you'll wrap around the area) before your opponents do.

Elements: Scattered around the track there are coins which you can collect to buy new cars or wheels. IOW collect props to trick out your ride.

There are powerups in the game that enhance the player's car if picked up. Powerups such as Speed enhance, Stunting enhance, Extra Nitro, and more (When I think of em)

Holding the Z button will activate your Nitrous and give you a boost. It's not unlimited though, so use it wisely. Nitrous slowly refills over time, but can be refilled by performing flips or collecting Extra Nitro powerups.

Intense gravity defying stunts such as Driving off ramps, hitting a loop, driving up vertical slopes, and even maniacally driving on an inverted loop have all been reported.

You'll flip for this game- literally! Miss Chloecakes suggested a flip or be flipped feature and it adds an awesome twist to the game!

(Thank yoo, Chloe.^^)

--The future of the project:--

As of now I will be looking for an advanced coder(namely Pixelthief) as soon as the cars, wheels, race tracks, and every other thing that might give your car's driver a nasty whiplash, are completed.
All artwork will be done by me(and possibly any other volunteers)- as I've said, I need an advanced coder to help me out with this. Otherwise I won't get very far.
Good with music? I'll be looking for musicians as soon as coding and the engine are complete.

The number of cars planned in the game is unknown, but I'm aiming for at least 40 or more.
The ammount of tracks is uncertain aswell, but I might shoot for 20 or so.

Anyways wish me, us, whoever joins in, luck!

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4 40 Gfx style + start...
By: W3R3W00F
On: 29th Apr 09, 00:34:44
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On hold for a while...
Posted 7th May 09, by W3R3W00F 2 Comments
I've started a compo on remaking old games, so I'm re-doing one of mine. I don't want to hold my breath, but I'll say that the break could last up to 2 weeks at the least, so no updates until then I guess. Sorry if I let anyone down about this being a small post, as this is merely a heads up to answering any "Where are the updates?" questions.

The only recent progress is planning out a few more levels- I can bump up the progress to about 1% more at least, I guess.

Now don't be sad, I'll be back. Possibly with a new logo, schedule, whatnot.
Posted 30th Apr 09, by W3R3W00F 11 Comments
Disregard the misnomer of a title...

Okay, over a 2-3 day period I've been working on the backgrounds and they're done! Imo they turned out pretty nice alone, but as a background they're like keys to a lock! All I need to do now is finish up the cars, tilesets + organic track pieces, and then I'll start looking for a coder! Maybe 2, one for the engine/physics, one for the rest.

Furthermore, here are the pictures.

Cave - Not my favorite, but it's not bad.

Desert - Weird, but pretty cool.

Arctic - This one turned out quite nice, imo.

City - Not one of my favorites. I might redo it.

Forest/woods - I like this one. about 1-2 hours over a one night, one day span.

Meadow - I'm very satisfied with this one. It's pretty, dangit.

Lol I just noticed that 4 pictures have the moon or sun half-shown at the top or corner.

One more note. Today is THE LAST DAY I'm accepting car requests, so look for cool cars and post the ones you have in mind here or in the forums. REMEMBER, May 1st 12:00 AM CST is when it ends, so post while there's still time.

Tank oo.

Edit: It's past April 30 11:59 PM CST so that marks not only May 1st, but also as I've mentioned, the end of requests being accepted. Um... happy May 1st. Also.

(Btw, bumped up the Percentage completed by 5%. had 15%, do the math.)
Lotso stuff!
Posted 27th Apr 09, by W3R3W00F 4 Comments
First off, I'd like to say I'm turning 15 at 7:30 AM CST today, so yay for me. Also today I'm am offering to show you the 32 current cars and wheels if you care to spoil the fun. Just PM me.

Secondly, I'm concerning Less detailed gfx over More detailed gfx but I can't decide yet. This means, just minorly, editing the cars, tiles, and pretty much every other sprite. Imo I prefer the More detail but I'll wait abit longer before the decision. Mr G might whip up a background and I'll have to try to match it as best as possible. Both of us, being on two different art styles, I might have to improvise abit. However, I'm not seeing this as any real problem and I haven't lost confidence.

Thirdly, a small reminder- cars are not being accepted after April 30 11:59 CST, so remember to request every car you have in mind. As wild, weird, or un-natural the car is everything is allowed before that date. And no need to re-post your suggested cars, I pick them all up.

Progress? Eh, Slowish- been playing Noitu Love 2 and I just beat easy mode with all three characters.
Landscaping style!
Posted 20th Apr 09, by W3R3W00F 4 Comments
While I do get distracted by playing with my, well, 'Makeshift' engine, I've done a few tiles just to get more progress made. So far these are ONLY a few of the tiles made to define the art style- Vibrant, exuberant, cartoony.


(Red background puts emphasis on Vibrant.)

Sorry if it looks like a JPEG but it's actually a PNG. ><

Other than that, I am almost done with every car in the game. Remember, I will NOT reserve anymore spots for requested cars after 4/30/09, 11:59 CST. So hurry and post requested cars before that date!

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