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Project: Burntime 2047
Project Started: 7th April, 2009 Last Update: 8th May, 2009
Project Owner: maVado Project Members:
Project Type: Real Time Strategy RPG Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Background:
I've been working on this since 2005, 2 years I spent on various prototypes and Designs. Since 2007 I worked on thinks like A* multiunit Pathfinding, City Building and Economy like in Civilisation games and also Diablo like aRPG gameplay with item droplist, Item with various stats and a Drag and Drop Inventory & character screen. Last year I finalized the Design Documents. Since early February I work on putting all those things together into the actual game. I plan to finish it by the end of the year / early 2010.

The game takes place after an atomic war, it's been over 50 years and the civilisation is recovering from the fallout aftermath. Technology is thrown back a couple of hundreds centuries. People are back fighting with sticks for the last resources left to harvest.

You start on a random generated Map with your City. As the gameplay is realtime people will visit your town from time to time you can hire and build houses for. This is based on your overall reputation. Reputation is earned by killing others and fullfill requests from your anchestors. Those rule the last cities on earth and will test your strenght from time to time.

The Map is divided into sectors of different resources like metal, garbage, herbs, lumber and so on. They are also guarded by wild creatures, mutants or raiders.

The overall difficulty is progressive, so adjacent areas are poolry guarded and hold many resources while areas far away will be dangerous and hold little to no resources to conquer.

Hired people can join your group of 5 in total to adventure on your side. You and everyone in your town can level up and equip stuff droppend from enemies.

Combat will be turn based similar to card games. You will set units up on a 3x3 grid and combat your opponents in turns. Characters can learn special abilits and use these in combat.

Items you get from defeated enemies aid your team as well your city.

Your main goal is to conquer all areas, please your anchestors and keep you and your city alive.


The whole game will be highly customisable. Modding is no deal as 90% of the graphics are stored external including data is not hardcoded and can be modified. Also the difficulty range from a "easy 30 minute casual game" to hours of gameplay (Including Hardcore death means immediate game over).

Burntime will use cell shading revamped graphics from the original Burntime released back in 1993 by Max Design for Amiga and PC.

Implemented so far:
- Multilanguage Interface with lots of customisation
- A* Multienemy Pathfinding (hunt you down if you get to close)
- Traveling across the Map is finished
- random map generation is finished

Lots of stuff to add over the year, I keep posting updates once in a while

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On: 19th May 09, 18:10:54
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GFX Update
Posted 8th May 09, by maVado 1 Comment
Last weeks and 3 month before I was working hard on getting the Tiles Updates. All those are done from scratch by hand, no resize or filtering.

So far over 100 hours of work. Still a lot of work to do.

No coding updates so far as I need to focus on the basic graphics first.

Original Tiles:


Updated Tiles:


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