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Project: The Last War
Project Started: 26th January, 2009 Last Update: 1st April, 2009
Project Owner: Sumo148 Project Members:
Project Type: Shoot 'Em Up Survival Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview This is my first actual project in MMF2! It will be a Shoot 'Em Up Survival Game! You are a military soldier and the last one. Your battling blood thirsty killer bugs that will do anything to kill you. You have a number of different weapons and varying ammunition. Try to kill as many as you can, before they kill you!

What the game will have:
-Survival Mode
-Online Mode
-Chat Room with private chat, word sensor, and admins
-Friends List
-Online play
-Username/ Password
-Custom Engine
-Custom 360 Degree Shooting Engine
-Level Editor
-Time Attack Minigame
-Sniper Shootout Minigame
-40 Achievements
-A Cheat Console (unlocked through achievements)
-Practice Room with infinite ammunition
-Blood n' Gore (ON or OFF, for the parents)
-A Customizable Music Player
-ZOMBIE SOILDERS (that can and will shoot you)
-Maybe Online High Scores
-Custom Window Shake Engine
-Slow Motion Effect
-Rocket Smoke Motion Trails, destructable bloody zombie body parts and more special effects!
-Maybe Changeable Gravity for Level Editor!
-Xbox 360 Controller Support!
-A Tutorial

-Machine Gun
-Sniper Rifle
-Rocket Launcher
-Two-handed Sword
-Fragmentation Grenade
-Smoke Grenade

You can change the amount of ammunition, choose what guns you want, change your username and password, change the volume control, change the spawn time of the killer bugs, and much more! I'm also including a window shaking engine, that will shake the application window when there is a explosion from a rocket or a grenade.

More to Come! Comments Appreciated!

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By: Chloe Sagal
On: 21st Feb 09, 18:47:56
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Posted 1st Apr 09, by Sumo148 2 Comments
I may have recieved a virus on my computer somehow...all my wording in this project has been messed up. WTF

On Hold For a Few Days
Posted 31st Mar 09, by Sumo148 1 Comment
Ok, I have a ton of stuff to do for now, so this project will be put on hold for a few days until next week, then I have a week long break!

Right now I'm trying to make a level editor with fastloops for OldManClayton, create a custom game engine for my friend Taco, and work on my two projects The Last War and Ninja Training. Don't worry the project isn't canceled, it'll be back soon!
My Birthday!
Posted 19th Mar 09, by Sumo148 4 Comments
It's my birthday today, and I hope to get much accomplished today! I hope to work on some more special effects today
Added a Tutorial!
Posted 19th Mar 09, by Sumo148 Post A Comment
For all you noobs that don't look at the controls before you play and are "WTF", here's a simple tutorial explaining how to play the game. Simple level in "hell" where you have unlimited ammunition and unlimited health so you can learn. As you get deeper in the tutorial, you learn part of the plot of the story, how to build a base, shoot a gun, jump and walk, throw a grenade, and shoot more zombies (that were you fallen comrades). Here's a photo showing a part of it... This was actually a older photo and the sentence doesn't make sense . Trust me the new tutorial has actual complete sentences.

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