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Project: Brawlfest
Project Started: 12th January, 2009 Last Update: 17th January, 2009
Project Owner: dndfreak Project Members:
Project Type: top-down fighter Project Progress:

Project Overview  
I got the basic idea for this thing: a super smash bros. clone... in TD (top-down, not Tower Defense)! Of course, I won't be ripping off any copyrights. Instead, all of the stages and characters in the game will be submitted by you guys. The TD format will completely erase its SSB heritage but I'm hoping for a similar feel. Any and all submitted work will be appreciated. I'm hoping to put out a demo by mid-february.

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3 23 Character Ideas
By: dndfreak
On: 25th Jan 09, 15:41:28
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Engine almost complete
Posted 17th Jan 09, by dndfreak Post A Comment
It's running very smoothly. The only problem is that I don't have the animations done yet, so I can't do a true playtest. It's going well though. I may be able to get a demo in by the end of the month!
Engine complete?
Posted 16th Jan 09, by dndfreak Post A Comment
In school today I wrote the psuedocode by hand, but I haven't put it in MMF2 yet. After those bugs are worked out, all that's left would be to input the fighters and the infinite-brawl or whatever 1P game I design.
Going relatively smoothly
Posted 15th Jan 09, by dndfreak Post A Comment
I've gotten most of my music and I've started working on the menus. I have a few Ideas about the characters coding but I haven't gotten around to setting it in stone yet since the fighter's animations are not even started. That'll be the hard part. Well, I'm trying to decide if I should try to do a tournament mode or challenge mode for the single player. Or maybe an endless fight with high scores- see how many you can defeat before being knocked out. I've given up on a campaign at this point because it would take waaaay too long to make and I'd probably give up on the project all together. In any case, feel free to suggest something.
The Hurdle Overcome
Posted 13th Jan 09, by dndfreak Post A Comment
The bug fixed! It was just that the demon had a disappearing animation where it fell forward. This let the event trigger five extra times. Now that those are deleted, It's time to build the rest of the engine! However, that would be hard to do with only one stage and two characters. On this note, I was wondering if there was anyone out there to help me with the character animations (my weak spot). I can do the menus and such easily enough but motion tends to be a skill I lack- especially with the Hotshot character... Tell everyone you know! I want at least ten stages and fifteen characters done by the 19th. Get crackin! I want the first game I actually upload to be one worth playing.

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