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Project: Evil Kitty's Khristmas Wish!
Project Started: 11th December, 2008 Last Update: 20th January, 2009
Project Owner: Retired Kliker Lazarus Project Members:
Project Type: Horrible Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Prepare yourself for the most heart-warming Khristmas tale you've ever smelled! Thrill to the exploits of that lovable tot, Evil Kitty, as he journeys to the North Pole in search of wish fulfillment! But Santa tells him that in return for Kitty's Khristmas Wish, he must assassinate the Easter Bunneee. Does EK have the guts to kill everyone's favorite leporidaeian lay-about?

But look out! Pedophiles roam the night, in Santa disguises! And 'poor snowmen' wait to get their horrible REvengence on Kitty. Can he defeat all of this shit, complete all of the mini-quests, and defeat the Easter Bunnee and get his Khristmas Wish?! ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

-4ish Levels
-Funny mini-quests
-Baddies, traps, and power-ups
-Several spoo-oo-ooky characters
-And stuff

I wanted to make something short and easy, because when I care too much about a game, I usually never finish it. So, I started this one two days ago, and I'm almost half-way finished.

As far as graphics go, their pretty basic, nothing too amazing. I've focused more on horrible mini-quests that almost always end in 'rapepacious' situations.

Anyway, coming soon at some time. Hopefully before Khristmas.
Uh-oh, this doesn't look like Santa!
Look out for snowmens!
Springs n' stars n' rabbits.
*Information about kitty: Evil Kitty (of the company GameMine) was an internet idiot who plagued the DC in 2005. He posted hilarious stuff, and made terrible games.

"I Evil Kitty is a loser and so doea every BODY else"

"im gay in a good way"

Game rated T or something.

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Well fuck!
Posted 20th Jan 09, by Retired Kliker Lazarus Post A Comment
So, apparently Evil Kitty was rushed, and no one liked it. Well, whatever, I aim to please me, and I have horribly low standards! My life is in the shitter at the mo', so I couldn't give a crap. Working now on Elf World or something. More updates to come, or not. Maybe I'll fix EK when I have time. Probably not.
Posted 1st Jan 09, by Retired Kliker Lazarus Post A Comment
Submitted and whatnot. It's not perfect. But I've stopped caring. I love making games, it's fun. Go check it out.

Oh, and now I'm working on Elf World at last. This game I'm putting some real effort into; I hope it sees the light of day.
Almost Finished.
Posted 31st Dec 08, by Retired Kliker Lazarus Post A Comment
Finishing the boss now. And it will be the beacon of quality you've come to expect from any Evil Kitty-labeled product! Which means the quality of one of those Gigapet things from the 90s. You know, the ones that were like little bit maps on a 2 inch screen? Yeah. Thems quality.
Posted 25th Dec 08, by Retired Kliker Lazarus Post A Comment
Yeah. The illness wiggy wiggy in ma system, so I didn't finish EKCW. But NEVER FEAR! The last level is half finished, leaving a boss and candy and some awesomely terrible bonus features that are kinda a bonus but nawt.

Anyway, glad tidings. I got a Wii, rejoice!

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