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Project: Motherboard
Project Started: 10th December, 2008 Last Update: 11th December, 2008
Project Owner: caccolothemeaning Project Members: s-m-r
Project Type: Retro, RTS, RPG, Adventure & more... Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview [[[Humbly seeking for some help of any kind ]]]

Welcome to your own Motherboard.

This game should start with that sentence but I chosed something different (at least for the second frame...).

Since I watched a movie about virtual reality when I was kid (sorry, can't figure the english title. Here it was called "Il Tagliaerbe" something like "Lawnmower" or "Grasschopper" I dunno...) I started to wish to became a bit or a "phone ring" like a character of that movie.

Journeys inside an elettronical device was always been my dream.

This game is just a sigh made thinking back to those kid dreams and nothing about a ethereal LAN travel at all... Umh... who can say "at all" by the way, This is just a project...

For now I've started to build the RTS engine of the game... believe me it's not so easy for a foreing to explain it...

You're walking in the shoes of a young man (that oh God he looks like mee! ) that is into computers... maybe too much.
He's used to live the night life but with a monitor in front of his eyes, following the canonic way to live of nerds.

The game starts in the 1999 with a friendly phonecall that drives into the wrong way almost at the beginning just because a change into an usual kind of behave.

That was just the first step towards soul damnation.

Big dreams, tasty revenges and a evil computer company, the Manocorp Inc. are the meal of the day.

- Switching to small and wide screen
- Adjust window position with numkeys
- Custom player name
- RPG feel like cutscenes
- RTS system for some missions
- Just-a-game feel cloaked
- Intriguing mistery plot

- Adventure system for some missions (you know those Hentai games? That's right... I know you do)
- Interactive dialogues
- Deep characters personality

Ok just stop chatting (deja-vu...) and take a look at some screens:

The Main screen

☼ NEW ☼ Switching your computer ON

☼ NEW ☼ Installing a lesser power core

☼ NEW ☼ Installing a CPU

☼ NEW ☼ Installing a SIPP

☼ NEW ☼ Connected to network

☼ NEW ☼ A failed hack attempt

☼ NEW ☼ Closing session and shutting down your computer

I'll stop starting to make games with just a kid dream as a blueprint, I swear.

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By: caccolothemeaning
On: 16th Dec 08, 01:17:07
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Screenshots updated
Posted 11th Dec 08, by caccolothemeaning 2 Comments
I've updated the screenshots posted with brand new ones.
Gameplay Video (Cutscenes and RTS part)
Posted 11th Dec 08, by caccolothemeaning 4 Comments
I've made a video about what I've done until now and I hope you like how the game's being developed.

Heres the link of the video:

(I haven't used YouTube because it rips off the quality and text may not be correctly visualized)

And a little screenshot from it... just as a teaser!


Brand New Screenshots
Posted 11th Dec 08, by caccolothemeaning 2 Comments
I hope you like them and the game plot becomes more juicy

PS: They're in chronological order but some dialogues where skipped.

PPS: I didn't use the screenshot linking just because I don't want people to click-see-close-wheel-click-see-close-wheel.









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