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Project: Drill Bits
Project Started: 1st August, 2008 Last Update: 15th July, 2009
Project Owner: RedEnchilada Project Members:
Project Type: CNC Arcade game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Drill Bits is a game about a weird creature named "Drill", who has a drill attached to his rear. The game is an arcade game in the vein of Dig-Dug, but with some differences. Instead of blowing up enemies, you are collecting parts, and instead of automatically plowing through any walls, you have to use your drill power wisely.


20 levels(as of last demo)
3 enemies
2 bosses
A bug-free movement engine
Online high-scores
16-bit styled graphics

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By: Poobical
On: 2nd Dec 08, 17:39:20
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New Trailer
Posted 15th Jul 09, by RedEnchilada 5 Comments

A little bit of promotion for this thing. It was made for the GB Anniversary show, and I intend to submit it to Klikcast.

In other news, I finally got that windmill level done. (The one in the update below.) This brings me, so far, to 34+3/50+10 levels done.
Yagh, I'm being blown awaaaaaaaaay!
Posted 17th Jun 09, by RedEnchilada Post A Comment

I actually liked programming this thing in. I'll probably try to do something like that more often in the final set of levels. It's something you hop on and balance on to get to the part. How? Look at that little pad next to the player.

So yeah, 33+3/50+10 levels done. (I decided I wanted more secret levels.) I'll probably add one more set of secret levels, though.
Wow, look at all that dust!
Posted 2nd Jun 09, by RedEnchilada Post A Comment

Desert. That's the theme for levels 31-40. It's gonna have ledges to fall off of and jump off of. (The jumping will be automatic)

And that means I'm coming along with this game. I've currently got 31+1/50+6 (The extra numbers at the end are the bonus levels) levels done. I'm not quite sure when this will be done at this point, but it shouldn't be long now! (Well, comparatively, of course. I shouldn't be another ten months working on it, basically.)
Well, I haven't been working on this much.
Posted 19th Apr 09, by RedEnchilada Post A Comment
Ayup, ever since I got TGF2 for Christmas, this game's kind of been on the back burner. I've been trying to get back into it, though.

I've currently got 24 levels done out of 50. I'm also working on a few secret levels, probably 5-10. I'm hoping to have this done by Christmas this year, but at this rate, I'll be in college before it's done.

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