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Project: Mega Man X: Armageddon
Project Started: 5th May, 2008 Last Update: 4th January, 2009
Project Owner: Hermes Project Members:
Project Type: Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview This is a Mega Man X fangame in progress.

This project was something that I technically started back in the days of Klik 'n' Play. Due to being a noob back then, I restarted the project. Then a virus ate it.

Now, finally, I am successfully working on this fangame, with hopes of it being one of the best out there!

The story takes place between X7 and X8, so Red Alert has recently been dismantled, Axl has set out to prove to X that he can be a reliable Hunter, and the bald one Sigma has been blown out of a building.
Construction on the Orbital Elevator (beta build) Jakob is currently underway, as scientists and engineers fear that robotic mishaps may once again render the Earth uninhabitable (they're getting a jumpstart). Some, however, have another idea.
Many scientists began to believe that space travel can go on infinitely as long as they have ties back to where they start their journeys (a tether back to Earth, per se). They knew, though, that the Earth did not have enough resources to power an exodus that far, and found another way to combat the problem: the T.I.M.E. machine (sound familiar?).
At the Life Research Lab in the under-construction Giga City, the T.I.M.E. machine is celebrated for it's seemingly-flawless creation. The T.I.M.E. (temporal interspatial module egg) is capable of delivering it's contents to any destination imaginable using macro-compressed high-velocity teleportation (fast movement on a large scale resulting in controlled spatial rips).
Information on this was leaked to greedy listeners.
A large riot of Mavericks began to terrorize the Life Research Lab, killing those who opposed them. Both X and Zero, along with reinforcements, are called in to investigate and eradicate.

Game Progress:

Engine: Around 50%
-X, Zero, Vile fully movable
-Powerups function correctly
-3 of X's weapons complete

Gameplay: About 10%
-Button mapping organized

Graphics: About 15%
-Sprites changed for Vile, X, Powerups
-Parallax scrolling
-Colors run on a separate scheme

Sound: 1%
-Looping rock music
-Various sound effects

Technical: About 40%
-X and Zero story selectable
-Vile story unlockable
-INI file organized for saving

More to come!

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3 26 This game sucks!
By: Hermes
On: 7th Dec 08, 09:35:24
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Minor Details
Posted 4th Jan 09, by Hermes Post A Comment

I've been having very little time as of late to work on this here, but I did manage to do a couple minor things. For one, the engine testing room is much larger and has more room for feel. Secondly, I've been changing the animations for Zero's saber swings. Thirdly, I'm implementing a feature which enables you to view the technical status of each of your characters in the submenu. Not bad, really.
HUD, Heart Tanks, and Enemies
Posted 20th Dec 08, by Hermes 4 Comments
The first destroyable enemy has been implemented: the Metall. When destroyed, they even drop powerups, too!
Not only that, but I've been doing some serious work on the graphics of the HUD. The boss gauge is the most noticable.
Not bad for doing this while Finals were going on.




HUD update
Posted 7th Dec 08, by Hermes 2 Comments

Changed up the design for the HUD. Personally, I like this design much better. It looks so much cleaner than the previous layout.
Also, a small example of the Vile movement.
He used to be a class-A Hunter...
Posted 5th Dec 08, by Hermes Post A Comment
...But now he's IN MAH GAME!!!
I've been implementing Vile into gameplay.
Weapons list:
Vile Cannon
Pollux Spray
Hot Blood
Cooler Death

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