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Project: Sonic Mayhem 2
Project Started: 28th March, 2008 Last Update: 28th March, 2008
Project Owner: Joel Strange Project Members:
Project Type: Sonic Fan Game Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview DEMO OUT NOW!!!

Ok, I better post up the topic. Hey all, I'm Amesuki, and this is my solo fan game, Sonic Mayhem 2, which is a re-make/sequel, on my first ever fan game back in 2001. Project SX is still being carried on, just its easier to program this, believe it or not. Anyway I've been working on this engine for sometime now, and it's got to the stage where is almost bug free. (Just need to tighten up on the static colliders.) Right, well I'm going to get up a free website soon, for this game, and host the demo in about 1-2 weeks, but lets stop blabbing on, and lets cut to the chase:

25 levels MAX. Check out the post on Page 2 for reason why. You get to choose out of four games. One being a straight Game Gear style'd engine (the only finished engine). One being a Sonic Labyrinth style'd engine: (However with jump and more speed.) One being a classic mode. (Using the exact tiles in other GG games.) and one being Story or the full game mode. (One with a story, and more game play elements. (might try and make it Rush (8-axis movement))).
Anyway, and if you still think Iím crazy, I'm releasing this for SAGE 2008, so it shouldn't be so mental .

Gameplay Footage:

Gameplay Video:

There are the current near enough complete'd levels.

I'm keeping to the 8bit sound in this game, so don't think you'll going to get anything fancy. I have made some tracks up, but I'll release them later on, when I get a website up and running.

I am currently working to release a demo soon. I just have a few things to iron out first. The demo will be off Mechanic Coil Act 1, because I find the level god damn fun. However I do have a video of a trailer/mock up advert:


I hope you will like my game, and take some interest... I really want to try and be up there with the great games...someday.

Special Thanks/Credits

Clwe: (One of his engines help me learn static. So big thanks to that)
FusionK emulator: (Where I rip stuff from and also for the that GameGear overhead)


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