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Project: Alien Invasion (Working title) - RTS
Project Started: 29th February, 2008 Last Update: 14th April, 2008
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Project Type: RTS game (C&C etc...) Project Progress:

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Preview Plot, story and overall content is under serious redevelopment. I grew tired of the whole content

At the moment, I will develop this game towards the framework of a classical RTS ; read C&C/Starcraft/whatever. There will be tanks, troops, a basic economic system, probably 2 layer FOW, map editor, a working AI, probably NETWORK SUPPORT. Update will occur when the new concept has been established.

The only thing I'm sure of at the moment is that only Skirmish mode is going to be available at first release. Campaign mode will probably be available later as a large patch. Or in the second release, Alien Invasion 2. (Title will change... BE PATIENT)

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Whole different direction
Posted 14th Apr 08, by Retainer 1 Comment


Not a lot of progress lately, but here is what happened.

I successfully movable bones to the soldier meshes and got em running! Got it down to 8 directions and imported to my game. Worked as a charm!

A tank is ready. Probably one of the heavier tanks. Need to reskin it though, its all too much of the team color on it. (same with the undefined, unarmed soldier)

Made clay ground.
Made a COOL gas gayser. (Do the copycat boogie

Made a Heavy Weapon Factory (see screenshot)
This building produces tanks, artillery and other mobile heavy weapons.
Nice graphic update.
Posted 22nd Mar 08, by Retainer Post A Comment
Redid the whole screen design. Research, manufacturing and trading screen will now look something like this. Focus is put on easy and effective design.

At the Trading Center, you can make delivery contracts with the US government with different items and wares. Most of the items you can find or construct can be sold to USA. Also, some items can't be produced but are vital for success, like gasoline and staff.

There are two different contracts at the moment; Single Orders and Perpetuity orders, where the latter is a ceaseless repetition of a chosen transaction.

Drag & Drop!

Late night
Posted 19th Mar 08, by Retainer 2 Comments

Tonight, I was up to 5 AM making a mine, tweeking the truck movement and it's destination points. Looks awesome. The next step is to open 3DSMax and make a cargo unloading bay or something.

Also, there is a minor confusion when the vehicles has different mine destinations. Probably an issue on account of the more major confusion in code layout. Will drink huge amounts of coffee tonight and look into it.
Youtube Clips for the curious!
Posted 17th Mar 08, by Retainer 1 Comment
Ok, so things are going pretty fine. I tuned the data going through arrays and objects getting created. Map loading went from ~15 sec to about INSTANTLY.

I made a darn fast Fog Of War, works satisfying. Youtubz demo:

The A* pathfinding works, but units are a bit choppy. With that, I ofcourse mean that they are jumping around the playfield like maniacs. Need to learn more about trig to make this efficient. Lucky for me my girlfriend is on her third year getting the ”Masters Degree of Science in Engineering”. She knows trig.

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