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Project: Daily Click Server Mayhem
Project Started: 17th February, 2008 Last Update: 30th April, 2008
Project Owner: Phredreeke Project Members: Knudde (Shab)
Project Type: Puzzle Game Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Daily Click Server Mayhem is a puzzle game I'm making featuring the Daily Click admins.

The Daily Click servers have suffered a virus attack, and it's up to the admins to remove the virus and restore the server.

It plays like a mixture of Bejeweled and Dr. Mario.


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New pic
Posted 30th Apr 08, by Phredreeke Post A Comment
I implented Rikus new avatar, see pic.

I'm thinking of different game modes. Maybe an endless mode with new viruses spawning as you destroy them.

Been a while...
Posted 18th Apr 08, by Phredreeke 1 Comment
It's not dead.

I've implented music and sounds. Not original though.

Also, I've been recoding things a bit to make the code tidier.
This is NOT a MMF2 game
Posted 1st Mar 08, by Phredreeke Post A Comment
Just to make things clear. This is written in Java using NetBeans.
New block and virus graphics...
Posted 25th Feb 08, by Phredreeke 1 Comment

Shab generously drew some new block graphics for the game. (if you didn't know it already, I totally suck at graphics )

Besides that I've added a level transition, a flashing cursor and a scrolling intro text. In fact, I did all that yesterday. The days before I was just slacking off

People ask me if I'm done with the game yet. Depends, do people expect sound effects in games nowadays?

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