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Project: Arcane Tale
Project Started: 27th January, 2008 Last Update: 25th October, 2010
Project Owner: Silveraura Project Members:
Project Type: MMORPG / Platform Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Arcane Tale is a side scrolling platform role playing game that takes place in a large world, based strongly around the use of magic and the arcane arts.

Although the project has been ongoing since 2001, and announced in 2004. It's difficult to release any true details, because after a complete rewrite of the game, a lot of goals and directional planning has changed. The new engine Arcane Tale is being designed on, will be taking advantage of Multimedia Fusion 2's Hardware Acceleration build, allowing the game to accomplish a much wider range of special effects, previously impossible, while maintaining an acceptable frame rate.

See news and discussion's posts for more information. Feel free to ask anything you want about the project, I'm all open for anyone interested in it.

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On: 3rd Mar 09, 00:32:25
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Spirit Concept
Posted 25th Oct 10, by Silveraura 4 Comments

It's been a painful decision of mine, but as a few of you probably already know, the main MMO aspect of ArcaneTale is being pushed aside for a later release of the game. I'm intending on releasing the game with more of a focus on a single player aspect. However I do plan on adding some features to keep an online feel to the game. The focus here is to keep the game playing more like an adventure and less like a typical MMO.
So in this log I'm going to introduce a new concept to the game design which will combine the illusion of a consistent world while sustaining your own single player world. In your world, if you're connected to the internet, you will see faint spirits which represent other people playing the game. Inside towns and such, you'll see the spirits of everyone connected. Outside of towns, you'll only see the spirits of people you've friended. While these spirits will not be interacting with your world, you will be able to interact with them one on one. So you'll be able to talk to people, trade with people, and even invite someone to join your world (within a reasonable level) to co-op with you.
On top of this, the game is obtaining a new sprite artist to help build onto the games visuals and some concept artists to expand on and help articulate the story of the game.

Feedback is welcome, let me know what you all think. Thanks.
New Database and Server Functional
Posted 27th Feb 09, by Silveraura 6 Comments
ArcaneTale is still making strides in progress here. With the help of Matt (DizzyDoo) for designing a Server and Database, and the help from Karl (Galaxy) for creating large modifications to the server, we've managed to get a fool proof Registration and Login system working for the game.

The system also works with keys which is a vital part of the closed testing that I've been promising, so we are defiantly getting closer to a public closed test for everyone interested, to participate in!

I'll keep you updated, all you need to do is keep checking up on the project. We are making progress!

New OINC Engine
Posted 20th Feb 09, by Silveraura 1 Comment


So after a long moment of inactivity on the developer log, I decided to bring to the attention of anyone keeping an eye on the project that the online engine was actually re-written to support the all new OINC extension which for those of you who aren't sure, is actually the replacement for 3EE's original MOO extension.

This has lead to significant improvements in both server reliability and performance, which means the game is actually back on amazing track.

However, this wouldn't be much of a log without something to show for. Another major improvement to the game is a much more dynamic lighting system which allows for much nicer light transitions and color blends. In addition, insects and new sprites are making way, which are all adding to an amazing atmosphere that will ultimately be yours to explore once the game is released.

Keep a close eye for possible tests in the future. They will be coming, I assure you.

Here are a list of screenshots:
ArcaneTale Online Test
Posted 8th Dec 08, by Silveraura 3 Comments

A small but relatively long video made to show some of the rough online gameplay of ArcaneTale. For better quality, please click the video and visit the original Youtube page and watch in High Quality.

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