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Project: Death Deliverancy: Ghosts
Project Started: 1st October, 2023 Last Update: 24th October, 2023
Project Owner: Martin Frank Project Members:
Project Type: Horror, Action Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Introducing "Ghosts," a spine-tingling first-person shooter experience that plunges you into a world haunted by restless spirits.

Prepare to be immersed in a chilling narrative as you navigate through eerie environments, solving mysteries, and confronting vengeful apparitions. Your mission is clear: uncover the secrets of the haunted mansion and put the malevolent ghosts to rest once and for all.

Equipped with an arsenal of supernatural-fighting tools, you'll battle your way through ethereal foes, each with its own unique abilities and weaknesses. With heart-pounding encounters and strategic gameplay, "Death Deliverancy: Ghosts" challenges your wits and courage.

But beware, the ghosts are not your only adversaries; the mansion itself is a labyrinth of shifting passages and hidden traps. Can you decipher the cryptic messages left behind by the spirits and unveil the truth that binds them to this realm?

As you delve deeper into the unknown, "Ghosts" offers an eerie, atmospheric experience, complete with haunting soundscapes and spectral visuals that will send shivers down your spine. Will you emerge as the master of this supernatural battlefield, or will you join the ranks of the restless spirits?

Get ready for a hauntingly exhilarating adventure in "Ghosts," a first-person shooter game.

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Posted 24th Oct 23, by Martin Frank Post A Comment
- Changed the game name
- Updated description

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