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Project: Alex & Friends' Quest Remastered
Project Started: 11th May, 2019 Last Update: 22nd January, 2020
Project Owner: BigAl0104 Project Members:
Project Type: Action/Adventure/Platformer/RPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview This is a remastered version of Alex & Friends' Quest! Improving some of the flaws from the original, as well as adding new features such as a leveling up system, new secret playable characters, better graphics, modified level design in some levels, no more double jumping, but instead a Mega Man style jumping, and better yet, widescreen!

It seems that someone has created an evil clone of you named Alexoor, who was created to kidnap all of your friends and take over your very own fantasy world which is based off your favorite childhood video games.

You begin with one character, Alex, who embarks on a quest to rescue his friends, and stop the evil Alexoor from taking over your fantasy world. As you beat the different seven stages, you will unlock new friends to play as on your quest, and there will also be hidden characters in some of the levels that you can play as too.


Game has been completed, but since it's currently being beta tested, I don't have a release date just yet. Be patient.

Any questions or concerns, please visit my website:

Game by BigAl0104
Game created with Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created with the Clickteam Built-In Image Editor
Inspired by "Doomsday Picnic RPG" once again, a game made by Scott Cawthon!

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By: LordHannu
On: 6th Dec 19, 06/12/2019 10:44:05
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Release date confirmed!
Posted 22nd Jan 20, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment

Hey guys, I finally have a final release date for the game. Since I don't have school on Friday, I'm gonna dedicate that day to work on releasing the final game. As you may notice on the teaser, the game will be released January 24th (Friday again), and the estimated time will be at 12 PM MST or maybe later than that, so be on the lookout for it.

The game is in great shape so far, and with some great suggestions from my beta testers, I was able to make a bunch of improvements to the game to make it more fun with a fair enough level of difficulty so that it's good enough before the final release.

Well, that's about all I have to say and I'm looking forward to release it on Friday. Stay tuned until then, and I'll see ya later!

Game is officially 100% completed! + Testing time
Posted 16th Jan 20, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Hey y'all, I have fantastic news! The Remastered is now 100% done, and now it's time to test it all out.

Unfortunately, I want to take it a little slow with the release of the game, therefore, I'm gonna give my beta testers and myself a week to test the game. Not expecting them to complete it all since I'm only expecting them to find any bugs that need to be fixed.

I don't have a final release date just yet, but it will come out some time next week, plus, I'll be starting a new semester in college, so I'm trying to get ready for that as well. I'll update you guys with a final release date soon.

That's all for today, stay tuned for more updates and I'll see ya next time.

Game coming next year! (Obviously)
Posted 30th Dec 19, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment

Hey guys, I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas because I know I did . Anyway, I am simply making this devlog to let you know that the game is still in the works, and as we approach the end of the year, I must tell you that I wanted the game to be done before the end of the year since I haven't really uploaded anything this year at all, but I guess that won't be the case anymore, so it will come out sometime early the next year. I'm hoping to have it done before the end of January, but I don't want to get my hopes up, I might delay it again. This game took me the entire year to finish, mostly because I've been very busy with school, especially since I was about to finish high school in June, so I had to focus on that, and also I wanted to take my time with the game and not rush anything like I did with the original which took me half a year to make, and now I would say that this Remastered is in good shape.

Once I finish the secret thing I'm making for the game, it doesn't I'll be done 100%, I still have to beta test it along with some faithful beta testers that I have on my Discord server. I've already sent early builds to a couple friends of mine to help me test it, and so far so good, although I did make a few minor changes to some things in the game.

As you can tell by the teaser I made, the game will be coming next year, but fortunately, I'm getting closer to the end of working on it, and like I said, I want to have it done before the end of January, and will officially be my first game of 2020.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say, and I'll see ya next year! Happy New Year everyone!

Alexoor's Lair Completed + Next Steps
Posted 19th Nov 19, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Hey guys! It took me a while, but the final stage, Alexoor's Lair, has finally been completed!

This one was a little more painful to make than the previous stages as well as the final stage from the original game. The boss battles were probably a bit tough and time consuming to make, but hey, at least it's done.

Now, I'm going to talk about what's next for the game. If you haven't played or beaten the original game, I might spoil something for all of you so... yeeeeeeaaaah... Basically, in the original, if you beat the final stage on Very Hard mode, you will unlock a final battle stage against Dr. Aleinstein, and you must defeat him. That will also happen in this Remastered, but I won't be sharing any screenshots from that. In fact, I won't be sharing any screenshots from the game at all anymore, but I will still make some more devlogs just to let you know about how the development is going, so hang tight.

Next, after I finish the final battle, I will add a couple secrets to the game that can only be accessed if you have every single character unlocked, including the newly added secret ones. Not going to say what it is, and I'm not going to spoil it for you, just wait and see.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Stay tuned for more updates and more possible behind the scenes, and I'll see ya next time!


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