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Project: Alex & Friends' Quest
Project Started: 21st April, 2018 Last Update: 5th July, 2018
Project Owner: BigAl0104 Project Members:
Project Type: Action-Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview It seems that someone has created an evil clone of you named Alexoor, who was created to kidnap all of your friends and take over your very own fantasy world which is based off your favorite childhood video games.

You begin with one character, Alex, who embarks on a quest to rescue his friends, and stop the evil Alexoor from taking over your fantasy world. As you beat the different seven stages, you will unlock new friends to play as on your quest.

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Attack
X: Special Attack
Shift: Jump
Shift (x2): Double Jump
TAB: Exit Stage
P: Pause Game
Esc: Exit Game

Game completed:


Game by: BigAl0104
Game created with: Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created with: MS Paint
Inspired by "Doomsday Picnic RPG", a game made by Scott Cawthon!

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Alex & Friends' Quest is now Live!
Posted 5th Jul 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Ok folks, the game has finally been released and you can now experience this long lasting game. Thanks everyone for the support and here comes to new future projects!

Feel free to report any bugs or glitches so that I can fix them and update the game!



Final Game Release Date
Posted 3rd Jul 18, by BigAl0104 1 Comment
Hey guys, testing the game went really good, even though I had to ask for help from other friends, but I've managed to also test it and fix some mistakes that I've found and that others have found. So now, I am ready to give you guys a release date! I will try to release the game this Thursday July 5th, but if I can't that day, I will do it on Friday the 6th! But before I upload the game, I will upload a trailer (which is already done) on my YouTube channel, and it will be uploaded the day I'll upload the game! When the game arrives, feel free to report any bugs or glitches so that I can fix them. Thanks for reading this and thank you for supporting this long lasting game!

Everything's Done!
Posted 29th Jun 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Hey guys, I just want to announce that Alexoor's Lair has been finished, and better yet, the whole game has been finished!!! Yeah I know, it's crazy that I've made it to this point, but hey, there's that! Unfortunately, I won't be releasing the game just yet because like I said on the previous devlog, I will be spending probably almost the whole month of July testing the entire game. I'll be testing the character unlocks, and also the difficulties that were added to the game, and another thing is that I'll be going on holiday for the entire month of July, and I'll be taking my laptop to test the game and release it once I finish.

Now let me explain a little bit about the difficulties: So basically there are seven stages that you must complete, and once you do that you will unlock the final stage which is Alexoor's Lair. And once you beat that stage, you will then be asked to play the entire game again, but on a new difficulty. There are three difficulties in the game: Normal, Hard and Very Hard! That means that on the high difficulties, the enemies will take so many hits to kill, and also you receive a lot of damage from them.

Those will be all spoilers that I'll be giving out, so please be patient and stay tuned for when I announce a release date. Thanks guys for reading this, and I'll see ya guys next time.
Full Game Progress Report #5 + Plans after everything's finished!
Posted 26th Jun 18, by BigAl0104 Post A Comment
Hey guys, I wanted to announce that I am currently working on the final stage, Alexoor's Lair and I'm working on its second level already. This stage won't have any video game theme, it's just gonna be based off my likings , I even took a screenshot of the stage. The stage will only have 2 levels with each being much longer than the levels from previous stages, and it will have two boss fights, one will be a Guardian, and the other will be Alexoor himself. Since the levels are gonna be long, I have no idea how long it'll take me to finish everything. And another thing is that on June 30th, I'm going out of town to visit my dad, but I will definitely take my laptop with me so that I can finish if I can't this week, but if I finish before I leave that'll be awesome because I will spend most of my holiday testing the ENTIRE game to see if everything works correctly. That means, double check the character unlocks and the difficulties that were added to the full game. And once I finish testing everything, the game will finally be officially released! I don't have a release date just yet, but just hang in there, ok? Good! As always, stay tuned for more updates, and also, I've created a new website called "BigAlGames", so please feel free to explore it even though there's not much content on it at the moment but it'll get bigger in the future. Here's the link: . Thanks for reading this and I'll see ya guys when I finish everything and start testing!


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