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Project: Twisted Tower - Chapter 1
Project Started: 19th December, 2010 Last Update: 5th March, 2017
Project Owner: HitmanN Project Members:
Project Type: Dungeon Crawler Platformer Project Progress:

Early Alpha - Download
Posted 18th Sep 13, by HitmanN  
Early Alpha of Twisted Tower
Here's the download page (contains some information you might want to read before playing):

Direct link to Twisted Tower Early Alpha (Primary source):
If you can't download the file, the domain may have reached its bandwidth limit. In that case, use the link(s) below.

Mirror 1:
Mirror 2:

A PDF file is included with the game, and it explains many of the aims and mechanics of the game. Many of these are intended to have a tutorial in-game, but since there's no tutorial yet... It's the place to look for that sort of info.

Anyone wanting to advertise the game, make videos on youtube or whatever, you may want to mention that:
* Twisted Tower is not finished yet, but the early alpha version is available to the public, so anyone can try it.
* The game isnít currently being actively developed, but it hasnít been abandoned.
* The best way to help me, the developer, is to post feedback, and tell people about Twisted Tower. Let's Play -videos would be awesome!


Review of Twisted Tower, in Russian, by SiberianLemming:

Posted by UrbanMonk 19th September, 2013

It still isn't approved yet!?
Where are the admins!
Posted by HitmanN 20th September, 2013

Who knows. (not necessarily a rhetorical question)

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 22nd September, 2013

INSTANT download. Definitely keen on seeing how far you've come with this.


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