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Project: Snow Ballin'
Project Started: 11th May, 2009 Last Update: 19th May, 2009
Project Owner: Mkingy Project Members:
Project Type: Turn Based Strategy Project Progress:
More Info: coming soon? Faves: 2

A huge 0% increase in project completion.
Posted 19th May 09, by Mkingy  
I've been busy revising for, and failing, exams so this project hasn't really progressed much. But seeing as the online exam database seems to be down I figured i could squeeze a devlog in to show you what i do have of the project.

I've started programming a very basic AI tree so that the game is at least playable.Withit being playable I'll feel much more confident in finishing it and I can begin to work on the game in more detail.

The wonderful screenshot shows a step by step of moving, creating snowballs, picking them up and throwing them at your enemy (1 or 2 steps removed). The engines fairly solid but does need some tweaks and I plan to rewrite most of the stuff for the curser seeing as it's pretty disorganised and quite messy (thus buggy)

Posted by Matthew Wiese 20th May, 2009

Love the simplistic AI, . Maybe you could add walls? XP (like you could build walls)
Posted by Mkingy 20th May, 2009

AI hopefully won't be simple when i've finished Just need to get a base layer to build upon.


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