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Project: The Santa Claus Project
Project Started: 8th December, 2007 Last Update: 24th December, 2007
Project Owner: The Chris Street Project Members: Ski Dr. James MD Knudde (Shab)
Project Type: Platformer Project Progress:

Fancy designing a level for this game?
Posted 9th Dec 07, by The Chris Street  
Then comment here! You'll need MMF2: Standard or Developer to open up the source and all you need to do is drag and drop the graphics around. Full instructions are provided.

I've locked all the events to prevent tampering, however.

If you're interested, comment here and I'll give you the link to the file. Naturally you'll be credited in the game

If you want to give your level a name, feel free to do that.

Posted by Jake G 9th December, 2007

I would make a level, but I only have MMF2 standard...
Posted by Dr. James MD 10th December, 2007

Posted by axel 10th December, 2007

I hope you're aware of the fact that Dev MFAs can still be opened in MMF2 Standard, as long as you're not using any Dev-only extensions.

I've got MMF2 Dev, so I guess I could give it a shot. No promises though, I'm usually too busy with school and stuff anyway. Meh
Posted by The Chris Street 10th December, 2007

Oh, I didn't know that. It doesn't use any extentions other than the built-in Background System Box.
Posted by Ski 10th December, 2007

so why must people have Dev?
Posted by axel 10th December, 2007

You don't. Circy isn't using any Dev extensions, so Standard users should be able to help out as well.
Posted by Ski 10th December, 2007

Id make one but circy hates me
Posted by Dr. James MD 11th December, 2007

I'd like to make a level then


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