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News posted 7th April, 2024 by Joshtek  

I have produced for you a tasty collection of updates from the across the Clickverse. Enjoy!

TDC newss:

Other Click updates:

  • Ishmaru is continuing to work on his RWBY fangame Ruby: Huntress of the Vale
  • Wacku has published an updated version of EncycloFusion GET, an archive that currently features Click & Create extensions but that will soon feature Multimedia Fusion 1.x extensions. For MMF 2 objects you can still use the Darkwire Extension List.
  • Dust & Discovery is now available on The Reactor (Clickteam's Patreon): "Time to get your tools and do some digging, Let's find what archaeology secrets are deep with in the earth. In this example dig deep in a pseudo 3d rendered world to find lost artifacts. Then open up the source in Clickteam Fusion and see how it works!".
  • Various other content previously on the ClickStore has also been uploaded to The Reactor, which is handy as the ClickStore is currently down. UrbanMonk reported on the TDC forums that Kisguri has said that Clickteam are working on restoring the ClickStore.
  • Clickteam have published Vermitron on Android and iOS. Deescription: "They're coming! Get ready to defend your lovely flower from invading insect! Prepare your bug spray, call your holo-pet, fortify your base and don't forget your mission: find the watering-can! Vermitron is a retro-styled arcade twin-stick shooter with tower defense elements inspired by the classic titles like Robotron, Smash TV, Gauntlet or Pssst from ZX Spectrum."
  • Clickteam have started posting Click Tips again. These are short tutorials of doing basic stuff in Clickteam Fusion.

Kliktopia update:

See the latest additions to Kliktopa

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