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New Game: The ORIGINAL Squary the Squarer Game
News posted 11th March, 2024 by Joshtek  

Remember the platformer Squary the Squarer in Snow Square from last Christms? Well, CoolPatilloGuy is back with an earlierand less snowwy version of the game with the ORIGINAL Squary the Squarer Game.

Comments from the Author: "Hey guys, it's been a while. I am here just to upload a game that may be terrible for being incomplete, but mean a lot to me as it was something I made for fun, although started during mid 2022 development returned in early 2023 during vacation and it lasted until June of said year which is the month where this version (which is the last one) was made. This is quite silly as it has Sonic sound effects, but have a music from the japanese Crash Bandicoot version, royalty-free music and the Hotel Mario death sound theme. Interesting (for you people who never seen this game before) is that has support for two players (VS 2 PLAYER and CO-OP MODE) so if you have some cool friend then this might be your choice for a old-styled modern game. There are two zones with three leves each (so, six levels), also there is something "cool", just find out! Despite being abandoned after June, I used this for what in six months later would be "Snow Square". Oh yeah, this has lots of prototypes but nah stick to the last one which also was supposed to be a demo. Now, should I finish this game? Like, it was actually fun and actually with the people I know they enjoyed it. Plus, compared to my other projects (excluding SiSS) this is quite complete, but perhaps for now (and for my sanity) this will be a good memory. Enough talk and... enjoy? I don't know."

Click here to download the game and read its comments


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