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Difficulty poll results, new art style poll and new re-release!
News posted 26th May, 2023 by Joshtek  

We have the result from our poll "What difficulty do you typically prefer for Click / indie games you play?" are in.

Most people went with "Normal", with 13 people (57%) choosing this option. This indicates that normal difficulty seems to be doing its job as it is what people normally go for. Second most popular was Hard, which 8 people (35%) opted for. Nobody went for Nightmare, but both Easy and Impossible had 1 vote.

I usually prefer starting with "Normal" and then increase or decrease the difficulty depending on if it is too easy or hard, so I do like it when I can change difficulty 'mid-game'. However, I can appreicate how completing a game at a harder difficulty is one way to get a "New Game+". Feel free to share your thoughts from a gamer or develoepr perspective in the comments!

Anyway, onto the next poll question which is: "What art style do you prefer for indie games?". If you tend to opt for a particular style in your own games I'd be interested in knowing more about why.

In other news, we have an new Download for The Daily Click: A 2023 re-release of ONYX by Adrian Clyde (who has been a TDCer since 2008), an RPG game made with RPG Maker 2000 with other 30 hours of gameplay, 11 playable characters and a dark, mature story.

Posted by Yai7 2nd June, 2023

I had to make new games so you will have more news.
Posted by Joshtek 2nd June, 2023

You make 'em, I post 'em, everyone plays 'em.


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