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20 years of TDC, a thank you post :)
News posted 14th January, 2022 by Rikus  
I was going to reply to the excellent news post from Josh below but the reply got a bit out of hand so here we are :)

Joshtek! Your post brought back so many memories. Lets do a thank you round here! First lets thank ChrisD for coding that first version after I told him the only way the daily click could work if it was interactive and he did a great job bring it to life. And lets also thank Clubsoft because without him The Daily Click would not have been here at all either, after many server crashes in 2002 and Chris being busy, Clubsoft re-coded the entire site from scratch, not an easy thing to do. He also added many new features like we never had the forums before and the DC point system was added and many other pages. The Daily click would not have survived if Clubsoft did not step in when he did. And he kept adding new items, even when i kept bugging him about stuff he always was friendly and listened to my crazy requests. So lets also say a big thank you to him, after all these years he is still taking care of the site.

Also while we are at it lets also thank all the other admins and coders who came over the years. (Mike) Shadowcaster who also helped with the coding and helped us find another new host after our older host went down. great post here about this:
On this link right here

Lets also including Andi and Flava with the coding, big thank you to them. Then we have our awesome Admins over the years: Chris Street, Pete Nattress, Shab, Wong, Muz, Assault Andy, Jon Lambert, Old Man Clayton (OMC!) Robert you all have helped keeping the site going and Chris and Shab kept chucking out news posts every day for years. I bow to you sirs!

And of course lets give a huge thank you to Joshtek, who has done so many things for the site. Keeping it alive these years with his awesome news posts, compo's and running Kliktopia! He has been doing such a great job and has done so many great things for the site, lets also give him a around of applause!

And then there is you, the people who uploaded games, written a comment or a review, voted in the polls, the site never could have worked without you. So sorry if I forgot anyone, I just wanted to thank everyone who has every worked on the site or just visited, you all mean so much to me. Thank you :) Ps. I also feel i grew up with the site, I am not perfect and I learned so much from each and every one of you, I made mistakes and hopefully learned from them, you would always let me know. In the end I am so proud of the site and what it has become because of you. I am still cheery me just a bit older and wiser and yes some grey hairs popped in also, lol. :) Again, thank you for visiting the site and interacting with it, Love you all! Rikus

Posted by 3kliksphilip 14th January, 2022

Thanks Rikus
Posted by yma 14th January, 2022

dawwwww cute little kittyyyyy
Posted by Joshtek 14th January, 2022

Thanks for all you've done too, Rikus - I hope you're doing well (and I agree with yma, that kitty is adorable!).

You were right that making the website interactive was key, and the work ChrisD, Clubsoft and Shadowcaster did to implement this (along with the support from admins and users in producing and curating content) has been key to TDC's longevity and place in people's hearts.
Posted by MonadoBoy64 15th January, 2022

Thank you to all that created the Daily Click and to those who keep it running! The Daily Click allowed me to finally allow me to post my games to the internet and for people to play my games. I'm deeply grateful for The Daily Click. And thank you 3KliksPhilip for letting me about Daily Click through your Game Making Journey Videos!
Comment edited by MonadoBoy64 on 15/01/2022
Posted by Fanotherpg 15th January, 2022

20 years, and I am with the site for like 18? Christ.
Posted by BigAl0104 16th January, 2022

I've joined this community since 2018, and I was 18 years old at the time (22 now), and these past four years on the site have been very fun. I hope TDC continues to live on for more years to come!
Posted by UrbanMonk 17th January, 2022

I've been registered with this account since 2008 apparently. Sheesh.

Glad to have been here.

Thanks for the cool site Rikus. Lots of great memories.
Posted by OMC 17th January, 2022

Posted by Villy 18th January, 2022

Let's go for another 20!
Posted by yma 18th January, 2022

i joined this site in 2018 because i wanted to share tgftetris with everyone, thanks to everyone that downloaded, 'tgftetris' has now over 200 downloads & 'ball thing' 150 downloads, its a good site even when you guys call it "dead"
Posted by Poobical 20th January, 2022

Posted by Jankoleti 25th January, 2022

That was a long time ago...
Posted by Clubsoft 25th January, 2022

It's been a blast!
Posted by Jonny Comics 9th February, 2022

Rikus! So nice to hear from you
Posted by Buster 15th February, 2022

Hello Rikus! Congrats on 20 years!


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