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Halloween competition entries
News posted 31st October, 2021 by Joshtek  

Happy Halloween from The Daily Click! We've had two entries for our 'Night and Day' Halloween game-making competition:

  • Zi Si Noapte, a 2D Platformer that takes place in 1477 in Wallachia made by MonadoBoy64.
  • Halloween: A Knight's Quest, a retro 'kind-of-turn-based' game where you are a knight saving the village from Halloween monsters made by LordHannu.

Now the judging will begin, with the winner to be announced in due course. Falling outside the competition is a game with a day element but no night element, which is Walking On The Copyright Infringement Land by yma.

Posted by yma 31st October, 2021

i hope i get the greatest rank this time
Comment edited by yma on 31/10/2021
Comment edited by yma on 02/11/2021
Posted by Yai7 2nd November, 2021

Sad. Only two games... I had to celebrate Halloween.
Not good!
Posted by Jankoleti 3rd November, 2021

I wish i had time to participate, i just moved to Hogwarts so i didnt find time
Posted by Jankoleti 5th November, 2021

ymaa what?!? Did you forget about the day night cycle lol
Posted by yma 7th November, 2021

yeah i forgot
Posted by Jankoleti 9th November, 2021

uh oh yma forgor
Posted by Tomssuli 13th November, 2021

I accidentally made a game about witches that would have fit for the competition. It was made for Ludum Dare that happened during the halloween compo.

...But I forgot to post it here in time. Still, in the spirit of the past holiday, you can try playing Volatile Witchcraft


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