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News: Fusion 3 updates from Nicholas and Chris
News posted 12th May, 2018 by Joshtek  

Wait ages for some Fusion 3 updates and then two ones come along at once!

Nicholas (LB) has joined Clickteam's Fusion 3 development team and has posted a short news update on the Clickteam Blogs website that includes a focus on Windows support.

Click here to read Nicholas' Clickteam Blog post 'Fusion 3 news in brief!'

Chris (Kisguri) has also relaunched the Fusion 3 Progress Thread on the Clickteam Forum, announcing that: "One overriding subject in that thread that repeats, is Clickteam needs to a better job of communicating progress and company objectives. That is no secret to us and it something we are working on. We have hired two new programmers to bolster Fusion 3 development and applied more resources. So I hope to provide you more regular input".

Click here to read Kisguri's post on the Clickteam Forum 'Fusion 3 Progress Thread'

P.S. Speaking of new hires and introductory posts, this is my first news post as a new Daily Click administrator. One of the main reasons I have joined the team is to help bring a spotlight onto classic Klik games from the past and to expand the Klik Museum that Clubsoft has recently revived. If you have any good caches of old Klik games etc then please let me know!

Posted by OMC 12th May, 2018

Thanks for the update and taking up the Good Cause. {mustache}

Oh lawd I've forgotten how to do the emoticon I made. Faugh, age and senility, thou approachest too soon!
Comment edited by OMC on 12/05/2018
Posted by AndyUK 12th May, 2018

Age is but a number. A very large number. God.. i'm getting old.
Posted by UrbanMonk 12th May, 2018

Glad to hear Clickteam got their programmers!

Excited to see the new fusion engine! Woo!


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