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New Submission: Temple DacKtrim
News posted 20th April, 2018 by The Chris Street  
Alien Seed Games (I'll call him ASG, it's easier abbreviated!) has been a long-time user of Multimedia Fusion, having created several games over the years, but unfortunately never getting around to finishing them. Trust me, I know the feeling on that!

Anyhow, three game projects have been submitted by ASG. All look very colourful and intriguing. I've highlighted his submission Temple DacKtrim out of the selection for front page coverage, because it features a random level generator, which is a rather impressive feat of coding, plus it looks good fun to play, albeit in skeleton form. Let's give ASG some motivation to finish his games as I'd love to see this finished :D

Comments From The Author:
"Temple DacKtrim is a top-down shooter with a random level generated every play from a list of set pieces. it was meant to be a kind rough like game with lots of re play so there not much game play sorry just ground work for a bigger more complex game."

Click here to download and offer feedback!

Posted by The MPP 21st April, 2018

Great to see you're posting news posts again!
Comment edited by The MPP on 21/04/2018
Posted by MonadoBoy64 21st April, 2018

Is there going to be a Game of the Week, since there are four downloads released in a week?
Posted by The MPP 21st April, 2018

It's 6 downloads now!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 21st April, 2018

Yeah that's insane
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd April, 2018

I think for the time being GOTW will probably not happen, at least until we can get our user base to higher numbers
Posted by The MPP 23rd April, 2018

Let's hope for more luck next week...
Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd April, 2018

Let's do a game of the decade then!

I vote for Friendship Adventure!
Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd April, 2018

Also I just had a look at ASG's games, and he has to be one of the best Fusion users I've ever seen!

I'm surprised you didn't highlight his RTS game which is IMHO his best one if not the most impressive fusion game ever made!
Posted by The MPP 23rd April, 2018

I vote for The Desolate Hope


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