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Friendship Adventure
News posted 16th January, 2018 by Liquixcat  
A member by the name Jonny Comics (You may have heard of them..) has uploaded Friendship Adventure. It looks very pretty and I'm sure the idea behind it would be worth looking at. Also it's free, so, just do it!

Also another game, err engine, for Golf by some user you've probably never heard of (Shabadabadoo). So you can check that out too by clicking here.

Stay in school!

Posted by UrbanMonk 16th January, 2018

Jonny Comics is back! Whoo!
Posted by Simon Czentnár 30th January, 2018

That's cool!
Posted by oldgamesrbetter 1st February, 2018

Love the style of this. Great!
Posted by twiterror 23rd February, 2018

Is this site dead?


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