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News posted 27th November, 2017 by Liquixcat  
New poll. How often do you visit The Daily Click? I will naturally assume all those who don't vote come here every single day. What about you though?

New game out from The MPP called Mine Avoider. I assume it has something to do with avoiding Cats, you can't really be sure until you play it.

Have a great week!

Posted by The MPP 28th November, 2017

Hmmmmm... a game about avoiding cats could work...
Posted by UrbanMonk 28th November, 2017

That poll should be higher up on the page. It's really easy to miss.
Posted by Liquixcat 28th November, 2017

I agree, but I don't decide where it goes unfortunately.
Posted by Yai7 29th November, 2017

."על זה נאמר, "ברוך מחייה המתים
Posted by AndyUK 3rd December, 2017

It's certainly isn't a daily visit anymore.


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