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Kliktober 18th: Illuminator by Fifth
News posted 18th October, 2011 by Rikus  
Wow it is day 18 already and we are still going strong in our kliktober spook-fest! Is anyone getting the Halloween vibes yet?

This is my remake of the Action 52 game of the same name, made as a part of Podunkian's "Action 52 Owns" project. You play as a kid who has to rescue his sister from the ghouls, using only a flashlight and any other illuminating devices you can find. The ghouls travel from house to house by tearing through the fabric of space. Kill enough ghouls to weaken the stitches on the tear, so that you can follow the ghouls through the houses.

Click here to download Illuminator

Posted by nim 18th October, 2011

^ by Fifth
Posted by s-m-r 18th October, 2011

Great, great game...!
Posted by UrbanMonk 18th October, 2011

Awesome game! Still play it from time to time, usually when I should be doIng something productive.
Posted by Simon K 18th October, 2011

A really great game! I love the small chain of christmas lights Good work!

Oh...and now we are talking Halloween - have any of you tried Project Zomboid? It is actually pretty cool, unique of somehow and polished

If you got some sparetime like me, and love zombie games... then i recomend that you try it on Desura The Demo i free
Posted by Rikus 18th October, 2011

Thanks nim!
Posted by Otter 19th October, 2011

I remember this being great! But for some reason the download doesn't want to work for me anymore. Anybody else have this problem?


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