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New Game of the week winner: sync::routine by Jimbob
News posted 23rd November, 2010 by Rikus  
Alright it was about time so here is another GOTW winner folks! Congrats to Jimbob for winning with his game called sync::routine The game is a classic point and click adventure that should not be missed!

We got some new games lined up to be voted for so get clicking!!

Click here to download today's GOTW Winner!!!!

Posted by Sephirenn 23rd November, 2010

Slowly making our way to the present!
Posted by OMC 23rd November, 2010

Almost halfway through the countdown!

Congrats Jimbob.
Posted by Jimbob 23rd November, 2010

Wow, thanks! I almost forgot I made this
Another one is on the way! Longer and more light-hearted!
Posted by SToP GAP 23rd November, 2010

Nice one, well done
Posted by UrbanMonk 23rd November, 2010

I've really got to play this game sometime.

Maybe after exams..
Posted by Marko 23rd November, 2010

Very well done Jimbob


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