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New Quick Video: Coin by Mr. Ksoft
News posted 2nd July, 2010 by Rikus  
I missed this game when it was released earlier this year for the of TIGSource's Assemblee Competition, and shame on me for doing so.

This is a great fun quick platformer with super neato 2d graphics, and awesome retro music. The game was created by Mr. Ksoft Worth a go! You can download the game right here!

Posted by columbo borgi :C 2nd July, 2010

Rikus in da mood
Posted by GamesterXIII 2nd July, 2010

Very choppy and unresponsive for me.
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd July, 2010

looks nice
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2010

I did not really get any chopyness, was kinda smooth control wise.
Posted by BattleCat 5th July, 2010

This game is excellent, and runs smoothly. However, can anyone tell me how get it to go full screen?


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