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Klik Museum & Freeware top 40 update & IBattle Update!
News posted 23rd May, 2009 by Rikus  
This week we opened up a new part of our site called the Klik-Museum! On this special download page you are able to play all those classic games from the good old days. New games are added to the Museum Daily!! If you have a game you want to see on there please do let us know! All games in the museum are uploaded to our own server so they can be played for a long time! The new submitted classic games are still appearing on the main download page but that should be fixed this weekend. Enjoy and let us know what classic klik game you still like to play! Click here to go to the Klik Museum!

Also on another quick note is that Caderay updated his top 40 site with a download section so now you can add your games to the site to! Have looksy at the link below: Click here to go to the New FreeWare Top 40!

And one last thing, remember the news post I made for the first submitted dc game called Battle pit? Well Tony the Author of the game actually replied to the news post saying he still drops in every now and then and is actually making iphone games now!

Even more so currently he is working on a game that is similar to the old battle pit, you can check out his blog below for some really cool new pics!

Comments from Tony:It brings back a lot of good memories seeing it on here and its great to see the click community still going strong! And might I say the quality of games coming out is unbelievable! Click here to Tony's Blog for I-Battle!

Posted by [EclektiK] 23rd May, 2009

The Klik Museum is Awesome!
It's good to see "old" games.
Posted by Dark Link 23rd May, 2009

shouldnt there be a link in the download page to this?
Posted by Rikus 23rd May, 2009

There is a button right to your left in the "Worth A Click" Section, it is on every page
Posted by Dark Link 24th May, 2009

Posted by Johnny Look 24th May, 2009

I gotta say I'm loving playing all those old games, some of them bring me many memories.


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