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Community News: New Click Company in town
News posted 24th September, 2006 by Rikus  
There is a new Click Company moving into Klik town. Our very own tigerworks is doing something with his team that when done well could give clickteam some healthy competition! The company called Scirra is creating a new multimedia application called: Construct using a click interface users will be able to make some pretty good looking 2d games using there new directx 9 engine. Ohhh. Head over to there website for more information, but it should be very interesting to see how this will play out.

Click here to visit Scirra's forum topic on this.

Posted by thewreck 24th September, 2006

i always knew eventing-based programming would soon take over the world!

all my time invested is paying off!
Posted by Joshtek 24th September, 2006

And thus begins the debate over whether Construct can be refered to as "Click" .
Posted by ZeroTau[FA] 24th September, 2006

I love the sound of it simply because they're prioritizing speed and EFFECTS, both which Clickteam somehow seem to ignore.
Posted by DeadmanDines 25th September, 2006

I think CT have just had this obsession with compatability. They shy away from saying "you can use our products IF you have DX9" or "IF you have a decent graphics card"

This obviously holds them back. Fortunately, Construct is showing that actually quite a low-spec PC can run some really nice effects - so long as it has DX9 installed. Their Tech Demo runs for me at 54fps, and my laptop's rubbish.
Posted by PeterD 25th September, 2006

Posted by LIJI 28th September, 2006

Don't you think advertising a rival of MMF on a click site is simply wrong?
Mainly because Costruct is simply a shameless clone of it.
And if it was someone else advertising GameMaker? You would just yell some nasty stuff at him.
But if we take GM for example, It's a much more better rival.
GM IS a rival, but it has an other idea, nothing similar to MMF.
But if you take Construct - It's a lame clone!
I would suggest to click site stop supporting it, as Microsoft doesn't support Linux and Mozilla doesn't post about a new version of Internet Explorer.
Construct is not Clicking to remind you, even if it was made by (used to be) clickers.
Also, the title for this news post is simply wrong.
Posted by Rikus 30th September, 2006

Thing is there Liji and a good point you got there, we always tried to make clear that this site supports more then click products from gamemaker, to adventure makers, basic etc, you can post those games to this site and we dont make any issues out of it. While our name might confuse some people on that same issue. Don't get us wrong we support clickteam 100% and we want them to take do great now and in the future however that does not take away that we wont accept any other products on this website after all we are at:
Posted by Jenswa 2nd October, 2006

Still he (Liji) has a point, because GameMaker Fans will almost be banished to exile on this site when they announce or ask something about GameMaker here.

Posted by LIJI 3rd October, 2006

I'm happy you got my point.
Also, the title "Click Company" Is pretty (make that very) wrong, construct is not Click, even while it uses (more like steal) the main idea.
Posted by Johnny Look 4th October, 2006

The forum link is broken. Or it looks like broken.
Posted by AfterStar 4th October, 2006

Give the guys a chance,don't trash something before you try it.So what if its a "clone",maybe it gets all the best ideas that MMF has and improve it adding further more functionalities and so on that we so much desire.

Almost all games now our days are clones of clones.
They pretty much follow the same basic ideas but why change something if its already good?

Althought I support clickteam,I also want to see what Tigerworks and his team has to offer.
Maybe Clickteam and Scirra can work together to create an even more amazing product...oh well we can always dream/hope

...and the forum link is broken ye...
Posted by LIJI 5th October, 2006

Those "guys" doesn't deserve that chance, Clickteam helped them a lot and while they did the stucked a knife in they're back making this shameless clone.
"don't trash something before you try it."
I do have a beta, and it is a clone, just harder to use as the main functions are "well hidden" and it crashes a lot.
Those guys also hacked few click sites (I'm 99% sure it was Herb) including the Click-Wiki.
Posted by skittleman 5th October, 2006

and we should listen to you?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:39 am Post subject:

i have PIRATE version of MMF... that the icon... Razz"
Posted by ben mercer 21st February, 2007



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