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News posted 3rd September, 2006 by Flava  
Well Rikus recently said that I would be making an introduction post here, and so I thought I'd just tell you all who I am and what I hope to be doing here in the future! As you can see, I am Flava and I have been visiting the DC for around 5 years now. Although I haven't released too many games, I have tried to keep active in the community by writing articles and joining in with discussions on the forum.

I am currently helping to run the Clickzine and DC online game. You haven't really heard much about them for a few months - the Clickzine is currently under re-development, and the DC online game has sadly come to a halt (although another DC project is now under development). I hope to be posting regular posts on the newspage, as well as helping out with the GOTW and the forums. Thanks to everyone and see you around! :D

Posted by Ski 3rd September, 2006

Mr T Hes not dead like people say
Posted by axel 3rd September, 2006

*Wtf is that staring at me on the home page!?*
Posted by Flava 3rd September, 2006

There was that "Bring back the A-team" program on channel 4 a while ago - he was definately alive in that
Posted by Ski 3rd September, 2006

YA. I saw him on an advert before a game video on gamespot or something. It was like.....
Posted by X_Sheep 3rd September, 2006

Have you come up with a custom rating for yourself yet?
Posted by Rikus 3rd September, 2006

I pitty the fool!
Posted by Del Duio 3rd September, 2006

Flava Baracus??
Posted by Flava 3rd September, 2006

I ain't gettin on no plane!
Posted by Joshtek 3rd September, 2006

Full Flava
Posted by defenestrator 9th September, 2006

I keep meaning to come here and congratulate you, but you'll probably never come back here to see this. Oh well! Congratulations to Flava.
Posted by Flava 31st December, 2006

Thank you!!


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