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KlikCast - Episode #25

We made it to Episode 25! I still cannot believe it myself! To celebrate I collected some footage from the past 25 episodes and put them all together for you. The episode includes some classic intro's, reviews, and interviews with indie developers and more! Or if you just want to see Rikus fall from a chair again during one of the reviews, then this episode will be here for you! Thanks to everyone who has been watching and contributing to the show! Here is to 25 more great episodes!

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Posted by Carnivorous id 17th September, 2011
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Great show Rikus! I remember Mayhem 3 I'm glad it wasn't abandoned.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 17th September, 2011
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Great fun!
Posted by MasterM 17th September, 2011

25, eh? great im turning 25 in a few days. also have they always been on vimeo? didnt it use to be on youtube? im glad we moved to vimeo tough. also great video. keep it up rikus. im really enjoying this.
Posted by Windybeard Games 17th September, 2011

Awesome, Enjoyed every minute. Thanks Rikus
Posted by midnight_aaron 18th September, 2011

Nice vid! I was looking forward to the SpankROMP review...
Posted by snake2020 18th September, 2011
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how is Mayhem 3 going?
Posted by Dustin Gunn 18th September, 2011

Posted by Road Kill 1987 18th September, 2011
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Great video, the bloopers at the end almost made me spit my food out when I laughed. lol
Posted by Rikus 18th September, 2011

Glad everyone is liking it! @aaron the review for spankromp is completed I just saved it for the next new episode, do not worry it will be there
Posted by columbo borgi :C 19th September, 2011

nice episode Rikus! i'm glad you made this.
Posted by Tropik 19th September, 2011
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Yeah Rikus, it was really GREAT FALL (on the floor)...
Anyway, very sentimental episode. Thanks for recording KlikCast all this time.
Posted by Fish20 21st September, 2011
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"I've got a bone to pick with you!" LMAO
Posted by Zephni 22nd September, 2011
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Love the out takes
Posted by The Chris Street 30th September, 2011

I just noticed in the Destruction Carnival video that Jess wasn't ever using the strafing feature with the main character. That's probably why he found the game so difficult



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